When Progressives Exploit School Shootings


I believe the children are the future. Indoctrinate them with neo-Marxist ideology and let them lead the way.

What if I told you that the conversation about gun control in the United States wasn't about guns? A lot of what we're about to look at is speculative- but to be frank the lines that are being drawn between major political actors are far too interesting to ignore. Why I'm writing this is not because I don't care about the victims of mass shootings or even that I'm being paid to do so. This is concerning an exploitative progressive ideology that has thrust kids involved in a mass shooting to the spear-tip of their agenda. What I contend that the following evidence shows is a calculated and cynical political move that has been planned in advance for these exact circumstances.

This hypothetical mobilization playbook requires the tacit support of the media to keep the focus on the activism following the Florida Parkland shooting and away from the victims. Can you remember the names of those 17 victims? Anderson Cooper says that he does.

This was the 15th of February, 2018. It is important to remember the people that have died not only for the tragic waste of life that set these wheels in motion but to recognize the utter disregard with which their memories have been treated by those with political agendas.

We know from repeated analysis of gun violence that the United States represents a negative correlation between homicides and gun ownership. To frame this entire conversation as being one of righteous children against the gun-lovin' government requires the influence of powerful political actors- applying an evidence-based approach to the causes of gun violence is unpalatable to Progressives. Exploitation of tragedy is nothing new when dealing with these agents of chaos. We can only be surprised at our own surprise at the quickness the machine moves to capitalize on the deaths of the innocent.

As reported by the New York Times on Feb. 18th:

“We want this to stop. We need this to stop. We are protecting guns more than people,” said Emma González, 18, one of five core organizers, whose impassioned speech at a rally in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday drew national attention. “We are not trying to take people’s guns away; we are trying to make sure we have gun safety.”

Ms. González, a senior at the school, said the group was inviting elected officials “from any side of the political spectrum” to join the movement. But she said: “We don’t want anybody who is funded by the N.R.A. We want people who are going to be on the right side of history.”

The right side of history. Who do we know that loves being on the right side of history?

It would be a surprise at this point in history to discover that the Women's March was not heavily involved in the politicizing of this mass murder. It is no surprise that March For Our Lives (one of the names for the post-Parkland political movements) has popped up with almost identical web design on Squarespace, who host the lion's share of Women's March affiliated online assets. I do hope that Linda got the kids a good deal.

Sarsour and her allies have had a major rage on for the NRA for some years, particularly thanks to the activism of Tamika Mallory, women's march organizer and blacktivist.

In a piece last year entitled When Progressives Embrace Hate recent Twitter pile-on victim Bari Weiss noted that both Sarsour and Mallory embrace racists like Louis Farrakhan and the cop killer Assata Shakur.

Ms. Mallory, in addition to applauding Assata Shakur as a feminist emblem, also admires Fidel Castro, who sheltered Ms. Shakur in Cuba. She put up a flurry of posts when Mr. Castro died last year. “R.I.P. Comandante! Your legacy lives on!” she wrote in one. She does not have similar respect for American police officers. “When you throw a brick in a pile of hogs, the one that hollers is the one you hit,” she posted on Nov. 20.

Knowing their admiration for racial supremacists and literal communist dictators, it is not particularly of note that exploitative activists like Sarsour and Mallory are political bottom-feeders who weaponize tragedy for their own ends. What becomes interesting indeed is what is turned up when the paper-and-cash-trail behind these power-players is followed, as Asra Q. Nomani of the New York Times-affiliated site Women in the World did over a year ago.

What she discovered was that key Hillary Clinton financier George Soros;

"[H]as funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan MoveOn.org (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch."

Particularly illuminating in the context of Nomani's work is the leaked 2007 memo from John Podesta to George Soros and others that set out the framework for the exact behavior we are seeing today from the liberal media and these spontaneous groups like March For Our Lives.

Podesta wrote to Soros that he wanted to:

better utilize these networks to drive the content of politics through a strong echo chamber.

Control the political discourse. So much effort over the past few years has been focused on better coordinating, strengthening, and developing progressive institutions and leaders. Now that this enhanced infrastructure is in place—grassroots organizing; multi-issue advocacy groups; think tanks; youth outreach; faith communities; micro-targeting outfits; the netroots and blogosphere—we need to better utilize these networks to drive the content of politics through a strong “echo chamber” and message delivery system.

This memo was released with a focus on the 2008 election of Barack Obama. I don't like much agreeing with John Podesta about anything, but he saw back in 2007 that the future of America is about demographics. From the memo:

Ensure that demographics is destiny. An "emerging progressive majority" is a realistic possibility in terms of demographics and voting patterns. But it is incomplete in terms of organizing and political work. Women, communities of color and highly educated professionals are core parts of the progressive coalition.

A message delivery system in service of a progressive movement that combines multiple issues into a sledgehammer against the state. Pure Alinsky.

I don't think at the time Podesta could realize that the explosion of social media influence would convert the liberal media into a progressive blogosphere in the service of his agenda. The media are maintaining attention exactly where I would want them to be looking if I were a Linda Sarsour or George Soros. Keep the eyes of America on the crying rainbow nation teenagers reciting the progressive talking points and milk the 24-hour news cycle for all it is worth. Convert this into a publicly funded war-chest to power a Women's March clone -but this time, for the kids.

With 11 years between that memo and now, can anyone deny that his plan worked perfectly? Up until the ruinous election of Donald J. Trump, Podesta was bullet-proof. Despite that defeat at the hands of populism, the plans of Podesta and Soros have continued, not only unabated but financially and ideologically reinvigorated. Re-energized with new blood and new revenue after the rejection of the Obama/Clinton procession of succession resulted in a billionaire boogeyman against whom the troops can be rallied. The neo-Marxist agenda rolls on with even more money than ever before.

Imagine then, based on what we know now- is it so impossible that an anti-NRA strategist had this playbook ready to roll when the next school shooting happened? Is it too brutally cynical to suspect people of such callous foresight? Recognizing the weakness in the system is the raison d'être of all acolytes of Saul Alinsky; It is how they have effected change for decades. Crack open the seats of institutional power by holding them to impossible standards- the thirteenth rule is in full effect with this Children's Crusade. I have no doubt that the kids involved truly believe in the justness of their cause- but they are a cat's paw, plunging their young hands into the fires of gun debate for no reward but burned flesh.

Following these threads backward through time reveal that this moment of what appears to be the investiture of moral right into teenagers is not a spontaneous outcry against gun violence. As we will show in tomorrow's article, the kids who are shooting to fame on the back of a brutal shooting are themselves junior progressive political activists who, willingly or no, are now exploiting the deaths of their classmates to push an agenda that began long before they were born.

Tomorrow we shine a light on the kids who are shooting to fame on the back of a shooting.

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Sometimes basic logic works best to explain things to people who aren’t the smartest.

Mentally ill man with a gun walks into a room full of people with no guns.
Shoots them all.

Mentally ill man with a gun walks into a room full of people who are carrying guns.

There will always be guns. Even if they were banned completely, guns will still exist and people will continue to obtain them. I’d prefer to be able to defend myself than have some nutjob shoot the place up.


Good find on this memo. It was a little longer than I expected at 16 pages but it was worth the time to read it. They have obviously been planning this for a long time. I don’t recall things being this bad during the Bush years but then again they we’re probably just laying the groundwork for what we are seeing today.


Well I think that’s a little reductive. A mentally ill man with a large capacity rifle might do quite well against a surprised room of concealed carry folks. As a deterrent it would work.


This is IMHO the progressive blow-back from Bush II. During the WoT the left was freaking out (and with some justification) the response was this multifaceted monstrosity we see today, funded by billionaires and endorsed by hollywood, getting kids into activism young and then exploiting them for an agenda.

If it wasn’t Florida, there are hundreds of thousands of these woke kids across the US- cookie cutter pocket revolutionaries that can be held up as pure examples of righteousness.


A large capacity rifle has nothing to do with it. Anybody who has ever served in law enforcement or the military knows what the most deadly thing on the battlefield is – one well placed round. Military, police, and trained CCW holders have stopped many ill-prepared shooters with more powerful weapons.


That’s why false flags like these are so useful to the left.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was running fire drills, AND an active shooter drill the day of the shooting.

Just like with all of these 24/7 media circus school shootings, there are always a bunch of red flags that shows this wasn’t just a nut with a gun.

There were also government agents there days before the shooting.

I’m calling either total media hoax, or a hybrid false flag where they did shoot a few people, but then faked the numbers.


The sudden and highly coordinated big push for gun control is an indication that all of this was pre-planned. The fact that there is no footage of any bodies or shootings that I’ve seen at least proves this, I could be wrong…but there were a lot of cell phones and the school had security footage. Even the Columbine shootings were recorded by security cameras and released to the media by now.


I watched, along with millions of others, the passionate and articulate voices of many students at the high school in Parkland, Florida after the inevitable latest school massacre. It occurred to me that one way in which pressure could be put on politicians to alter gun laws in ways that reduce the likelihood of the kind of bloodbaths which seem to occur weekly in the US but nowhere else is to call for a national high school student strike. At first, it could be called for a single day, but if there was no sign the US Congress or state legislatures were acting within a week a second open-ended strike could be called. There has been a call for a national rally on March 24. That is a good first step, but it’s on a Saturday and so will get media attention and then fade if there isn’t a more dramatic next one.

Back in 1970, President Nixon invaded Cambodia and about 450 colleges went on strike as a result of that and the subsequent Kent State killing of four students by National Guardsmen. Nixon quickly reversed course on the incursion into Cambodia. A high school strike might even be more effective today than the action almost half a century ago. First, there are far more high school students than those enrolled in colleges. Second, they live at home, and their absence from school will be both more noticed and more disturbing to parents. Third, if we look at where these school shootings occur, we can see they are often located in precisely the suburbs and small towns and cities that are Republican country. Looking at the parents rallying behind the student speakers at a Parkland rally yesterday I could easily see them as staunch Republicans and not especially supportive of gun control until tragedy struck close to home or at home. Fourth, social media can facilitate rapid mobilization as we’ve seen occur in other countries.

The strikes could have several components. Vacant high schools and mass rallies would make for effective visuals on television. But, strikers could also be mobile and assemble peacefully at the offices of Governors, Senators, members of Congress and State legislators….making things personally uncomfortable for the weasels who put NRA political contributions ahead of the lives of their constituents.

Until now, the shocking school massacres follow a familiar script. Shock, outrage, a call for changing gun laws (or “thoughts and prayers” among the NRA lapdog office-holders and their media accomplices). But then—nothing. A national strike could capture the imagination of students, especially if it’s hard to imagine any school is immune from being the next target. But, it has to start somewhere. Maybe Parkland will be that place.


Americans that do not look at the rest of world and their absence of mass shootings and their lack of assault weapons are willfully ignorant. What is more important; your ability to own an assault weapon designed solely to kill people, or the life of children?


That’s the difference. In your first scenario your mentally ill person with the AR-15 is the prepared party; no one operates at constant battle readiness. I don’t doubt that knowing the teachers are packing makes a difference to weighing up whether to go in- that said, Austin in 1967 boiled down to a sniper vs cops with revolvers and students with hunting rifles.


That’s the wrong question, because you did not comprehend this:


Pretty emotive comment wouldn’t you say…? Weekly… Really? Of course the prospect of a false flag event to push your exaggerated comments doesn’t bother you. Russia played the left in initiating a rally against a sitting US president… Who paid the Russians?.. Who got them the visas? DNC paid for thugs to start trouble at Trump rallies… I am sure that even in your highly bias mind you can contemplate a movement to disarm a population using the demonstrably emotional driven words you use in your comments. Words like conspiracy and deep state are the domain of the tinfoil hat brigade… until they are not.


Don’t listen to the haters @mankoff you’re on to something.

I went to a demonstration in my little town yesterday, organized by a 13 year old. There were about 100 people - half of them students - on the four corners with signs and hearts. This morning on the CBS news the lead story was of similar demonstrations all over the country. I am hoping that this will now become a real cause for these kids, the first one they have ever known. Fear of dying in Vietnam was a reality for my generation. These kids have grown up with lock-down drills. They and their teachers and their parents have enough emotional connection to gun violence to force the GOP’s hand. I never thought I’d live to see the day where it would happen. We are close now because of another tragedy, not common sense.


I find it funny that the left will use the guidance of the rest of the world but in well over 90% of those places, the left would refuse, for one reason or another, to live in. All of the fearmongers on the left who promised to move out of the US didn’t say they would take their money to Haiti… or Zimbabwe… and by the way, the final chapter on the EU is not written. What started out as a friendly, neighborly effort to ease trade has worked its way into an ever increasing authoritarian monster.

I fear that eventually the left will win because their are far more people ready and willing to take than their are people who will roll up their sleeves and give. When that happens the world will be a two tier paradise… those that have and give the crumbs to the remainders… and when they no longer see a need for so many to feed, they will ‘thin’ the population accordingly. Those on the bottom tier will look at each other and say…‘How to hell did we get ourselves in this position’… Somethings, as difficult as they may seem are worth fighting for… and… why aren’t we disguising the liberal society that created a population that cares less about the respect for human life and one that seems incapable of existing without shrinks and anti depressants…


I cited it in the piece, but this analysis is nearly 4 years old. There is a negative correlation between gun ownership and all criminality. http://www.unz.com/jman/guns-violence-again/


Well, I would say that these children are indeed a reflection of the parents and grand parents of the 60’s. the light hand of doctor Spock and misguided proclamations of Sigmund Freude… Free love and to hell with the sactity of life… We live in a world of the flower child that never grew up and when they did, the reality of their creation was so hideous that they ran to the nearest shrink for guidance who decided that family therapy would be wise and then of course the kids were considered to ‘active’ to be allowed to be kids in a world where their parents and teachers demanded that they be sedated… Yeah, I am sure that the parents made those kids some really nice placards…


While I understand your argument, and alone it is worth considering, confiscation of what would be a rapidly expanding definition of “assault rifle” would only be a proof of concept vehicle. Once it is established that a government can take guns, the next time the Dems gain control, they will gleefully take all guns from citizens.

The confiscation of all guns sounds hyperbolic only from our current reference point. The second round of confiscation would be far easier, as the populace would no longer have a real tool to fight back.

When you look at all those places where no one can own a gun, you see the ceding of greater areas both geographically and culturally to inferior, yet violent cultures- creating ‘no go zones’ and primitives taking advantage of the cucking of the general populace.

If those opposed to assault rifles want to succeed, they will have to craft a law with safeguards against future confiscation- just saying ‘we won’t take your hunting rifles, wink wink’ won’t do.


Quite of the month!

(We need to start doing that btw)


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