When Progressives Exploit School Shootings



David Hogg is the son of an FBI agent and always manages to find himself in front of a news camera. Nothing to see here.

David Hogg also can’t remember is pre-rehearsed lines. His California appearance was probably to rehearse for the big day.




If the Leftist “Progressives” have their way. The Bill of Rights will become the Bill of NO Rights.
The Leftis " Progressives" deliberately ignore the high number of gun homicides where there is strict gun"control" laws along with the high number of straw purchases of guns.
This is a direct effort to divert eyes away from the real causes to numerous to mention aided by their "Allies " in the Leftist media.


They keep pulling videos of that Hogg false flag plant forgetting his rehearsed lines.


They fixed it for him now. He has an earpiece so he can just repeat the words his handlers are filling his head with. Weird looking guy. He’s probably a 35 year old FBI agent under cover.



They are pulling the “forgot the lines” videos down all over. I’ll find another. In the meantime watch some Grade A crisis acting.




David Hogg graduated high school in 2015 in California. CRISIS ACTOR.


Why don’t these"knowledgeable and intelligent" students look at how many gun suicides occur compared to these acts of domestic terrorism.I bet it’s alot hirer than which Liberals will want to dispute.
Where were the protests when that Muslim Colonel killed people on a Texas Army Base.That wouldn’t be PC.Not many protests after those church shootings in SC either.
I assume the Liberals are selective protesters especially when it occurs in middle class schools. Who cares if this occurred in Chicago.


Ever wonder how they have time off from school to travel about and protest???


This could be disguised as a civics field trip exploring the value of protesting for social changes.


Pretty laughable.

What more can you say.

Texas School District Will Suspend Students Who Walk Out To Protest Gun Laws


LouMan,You have to admit I have a way with words.



Creativity has been lost in America.


Yes, to many people have become ANAL RETENTIVE and take themselves TOO SERIOUSLY .


Whether we actually affect the views and opinions of people who read this forum is debatable but the issues involved, especially if you actually believe in the US Constitution are indeed serious. Call me anally retentive if you like but I think that far too many issues have gone well of the rails with respect to what our constitution allows and what it doesn’t… and what it means for my grand kids. The US is most definitely under attack on a whole lot of fronts… To me, coming on here isn’t about entertaining myself…



Believe it was a general comment not directed at any particular person.

Forums are interesting as when you have contributors that have well thought out comments backed by unbiased sources we can actually learn and possibly change our views.

Max, John Stills and you have provided views which challenged by view points and changed my views.

The problem I see today is many in this country do not realize the changes some people would like to force on us forever changing this country. Changing our constitution into nothing but a historical document.