When the baby boomers are gone.. will America be gone also?


We will be a nation of more young people when the baby boomers are all gone

but then again, abortion will probably still be legal so who knows? maybe we will just have less old AND less young…

but America is on its way out. I sometimes feel that (strongly feel that) only Trump was capable of saving it… but what about when Trump is gone… which could be 4 yrs from now (If we Rs don’t help him campaign)?

there are many Americans who seem totally blind to why we need to preserve our country… the country the Founders began… I am not saying they were perfect human beings; they obviously were not (some owned slaves, etc…) but they started what had the potential to be a very great country… and that great country seems to be going the way of all other countries (who thought they were so great… the Roman Empire, etc…)

We have to educate our children… Please home-school if you can.


They can have it. When I am dead, the younger generation are free to have whatever kind of country they want. If they screw it up, it’s on them.


I was raised to be honorable. Today, too much, the world owes me a living. I see the goose that laid the golden egg, being led to slaughter.


If we can educate the masses in Marxism, socialism, then we have a chance, but if the democrat of education remains in the democrats hands we are screwed


you obviously care deeply for young people…



If I’m lucky- my mother’s genes will out and I have 30 more years to watch modernity turn into Mediocracy. If I have my father’s genes only a couple more Presidential election cycles left.

I have no children, yet I am very concerned about the downward spiral into narcissism, petulance and entitlement that the US is in, Europe has been in, and Russia and China are avoiding.

Watching the mob that terrorized Tucker Carlson’s family last night, this “return to civility” of Hilary’s looks a lot like krystalnacht.

The Dems will gain power again one day, and they will overturn the second, and severely limit the first amendments.


i think they will try to overturn the whole dang thing…

Common sense is not their forte


Yes I do, they have the same right to self determination we had. Consent of the governed.


Meh, their krystalnacht will be extremely short, Germans Jews weren’t armed to the teeth.


looks like we should all be

the governemnt, as long as its run by liberals as it always is… is not our friend

2 say the least


Pelosi has stated the first thing on their list is stricter gun control laws. They never learn.


Not much to worry about there as long as we control the Senate and even if they take that back in 2020, they won’t find the court very sympathetic if they go too far.


I’m hoping so. I keep telling myself they can’t do much without the Senate, but they keep pushing and all these stupid ass people out there shooting people isn’t helping. It gives them the crying mothers to put on TV and make the emotional argument as opposed to the logical and legal one.

It’s frustrating.


You know, every generation thinks the ones that come after it are a bunch of knuckleheads. The Greatest Generation probably thought the Boomers were all knuckleheads. I’ve seen some young folks do some good things like serve in the military, be cops, become doctors and the like. Sure there are some knuckleheads, but every generation had 'em.


I feel that if the country is going the way it is going, with schools indoctrinating kids, then yeah, the constitution (and civilty for that matter) will be no more.


And by George we want one of those drumsticks.


Yeah I’ve seen that. They seem to forget the midlands that won the house back for em are strong gun supporters.

That will fly over real well comes 2020. :wink:


Young people grow into adults. They are responsible for themselves.


Double down on the “agenda” not what the country wants.

Tone deaf.


This is so true it bears repeating. Just because we see the headlines of the day, that doesn’t mean it represents rational Americans today any less than it did 50 years ago.