Where did Jared Kushner go?


I can’t recall the last time I heard anything from or about him. Is he just following his attorney’s advice, laying low and keeping silent? FWIW, if I were him I would look at the writing on the wall, realize that when it hits the fan his father-in-law will throw him under the bus to save his sons, and just walk into Mueller’s office and say “give me immunity and tell me what you want to know.”


I along with some close friends have thought for months that Kushner has flipped and might be wearing a wire to ensnare Donnie Boy.

I’m sure the majority here will find that suggestion absurd.

Yesterday I came across this:

President Obama’s ‘ethics czar’ Norm Eisen tweeted, “BAD NEWS FOR TRUMP. Flynn may or may not have dirt on the Prez, but he surely will roll over on Kush, who will flip like a pancake on daddy-in-law’s obstruction.”

“They are gonna have to start frisking Jared for a wire in the Oval…”

Just to reiterate Norm Eisen is not some self-styled pundit from the sidelines, he was Obama’s ethics czar.


Jared is quiet but still around. I want to know where that snake Giuliani is holed up. The FBI Inspector General is hoping to speak with him, I imagine.

Lanny Davis has a book out detailing the statistical info that shows what a killing blow the Comey letter was. (“The Unmaking of the President 2016”) Rudy was in on that NY cabal, and Comey told Sen. Leahy he really wanted to find out about that, before he was fired a day later.


I’ll tell you where he is: he’s freaking-out and staying the hell out of sight.

He was a federal prosecutor. He knows how investigations unfold.

He was with Flynn, the would-be kudnapper, in Turkey.

He was ass-deep in the NY anti-Hillary FBI cabal.

He was close to people who were working with the Russians on the Trump campaign.

He’s desperately trying to figure his way clear, and he knows the Mueller knows everything about him.

Or, to put all of the above in the vernacular: Giuliani is in hiding and shitting his pants.

As a prosecutor Giuliani is famous for the “perp-walk.” That is arresting high profile suspects and walking them through a sea of cameras.

Before Giuliani’s grandstanding, the practice of the US Attorney’s office was to arrange for high-profile suspects to surrender discretely and away from the press in an arranged fashion the US Attorney’s office.

I hope, when it comes time to indict Giuliani that Mueller’s team “returns the favor.”


Keep up guys. Everything you are stroking over is so yesterday. Actually it is all so two years ago.


I have often wondered… if you (as a cop/prosecutor) catch a guy lying… and then you tell them that they will be nailed to a cross if you don’t ‘give up the goods’ on someone else. Is the credibility of your witness in the second part destroyed by their lack of honesty in the first part…


As we are starting to see with the whole carter page thing… things may not be as they seem… Giuliani and Christi were some rather odd supporters of Trump. Geographic bros perhaps but one wonders why they attached themselves to him so quickly… I am starting to wonder if Jeff Sessions early support wasn’t a tactical move that Trump just couldn’t see coming because as far as I can tell, neither Sessons, Giuiliani or Christi has really done Trump any favors. I know that you have bought into the whole ‘honest government’ mime… but I am more inclined to believe that the state will protect itself and its agenda regardless of what the people want… the fact that one half of the population have been co-opted makes things so much easier for them…


Where did Jared Kushner go ?
Hopefully bedding down with huge Bubba !! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Giuliani is also famous for cleaning up the shithole that New York City was and is reemerging as such under the current communist mayor. He also rallied downtown after the 911 terrorist attack. He remains a Trump supporter but Trump is astute enough politically to understand that New York was Hillary country, bought and paid for.

As far as fixer Lanny Davis is concerned it is quite sad that we see a reprise of this loser. After all he oversaw his man impeached and was in the background when the wife lost an unloseable election.

When Lanny appears we know the last rats are running off the Titanic.


This has been a concern for some time now.