Where is the "I Want To Be More Like Europe" Crowd... Where Are The SJW On This Forum Screaming At Twitter?


The police in Spain today looked a lot like Antifa… and Twitter looked like… Twitter… Just who interferes in elections?.. Must have been the Russians making Twitter cut off communications of its users…


In Spain today thousands of Catalonians were beaten, arrested and driven out of polling stations for trying to vote. The media outrage over the globalist Spanish government using police to forcefully suspend democracy is almost non-existent.


You may see the same thing here if Illinois ever decides to hold a referendum on leaving the union. The last time a few states tried that, 600K people died before it was over.


No one would shed a tear or lift a finger if California tried it. In fact, most Americans would welcome that.


The actions of the Spanish security services reminded me a lot of Tienanmen Square… No tanks but plenty of STFU. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see Basque separatists in action again… They handed over their weapons in 2014 but I wouldn’t doubt that they kept a few stashed.

So many people just want a space of their own and the globalist movement and of course the authoritarian need for power just will not realize the frustrations around the world. Societies thrive or fail on their ability to communicate and share similar needs in culture. The globalist movement driven by power and a progressive ideology believes that it can homogenize the world view of everyone into one big happy family… people come together naturally, not through force.