Where is the Line on Sexual Harassment?


Since the Harvey Weinstein revelations, there has been a lot of talk about sexual harassment. All the reading I’ve done has defined this extremely broadly. I’m not sure at what point an off hand comment is harassment. I do know that some people are not bothered by some behavior while some people are extremely bothered. I certainly think women have a different set of experiences than men (although I am pretty certain I did not get a promotion at a job I had because I was not ‘friendly’ enough to another gay man who was my superior). I guess what I want to accomplish with this thread is to gather opinions on where people think that line is. I really don’t think a persons life should be destroyed by an off handed comment, but I also think that people should have consequences for continued bad behavior.


I haven’t seen this happen—it seems to be always a pattern, not one comment.

But one could simply say:

  1. No sex talk (jokes, assessment one someone’s hotness, etc)

  2. No physical contact (except handshakes)


Wherever she says it is. :joy::joy:


With Bill Clinton it’s when it lands on her dress !!! :wink:


That wasn’t harassment.

That according to Bill, Hillary and the media was 2 consenting adults.


Oh , I forgot the rules don’t apply to the above the law Clinton’s !