Where’s the outrage


The real budget-buster: The United States has spent an estimated $6 trillion on war since 2001

And what do we have to show for it? The Islamic State tagging us with terrorist attacks through social media!!!

We can’t put money like that into our infrastructure, healthcare or education, oh hell no!


Of course I am… have been since VietNam but the expanded Monroe doctrine has been well established… I would be interested in hearing how the US now extricates itself from our democracy spreading, nation building roll without creating such a vacuum that Russia, China and Iran fight over the rest of the world as Russia did over eastern Europe after WWII…

Oh yeah… one more thing… I think all those trillions of dollars would have been well spent if they had stayed in a productive economy rather than trying to create a nanny state… lest you forget where all that money came from in the first place…


So Stevie John wants to cut costs and eliminate Homeland Security and Veterans benefits . Since when does a liberal Bernie follower care about budges ? Did the $150,000,000,000 paid to a TERROIST Country even raise an eyebrow ? You are a PHONY 100% !!! quack, quack …



Its the running cost of the 8 years of Obama waging wars oversea


Military costs covers defense infrastrcture as well, to intercept possible invaders

healthcare or education

What are the VA (albeit inefficient, is one form of single payer system) and Veteran Education Benefits


Where’s the outrage on all of the out of control Healthcare spending that Obama put into place? Healthcare spending exceeds defense spending significantly.


Well, there’s plenty of outrage, you’re exhibiting it just now. Otherwise, people may refer to our endless gratuitous wars as defense, but that doesn’t make it so and money spent on Americans healthcare is money far better spent than money spent on the war machine. Just go back and look at what a pretty good republican president (Eisenhower) said about the virtues of building schools and hospitals is over building tanks and bombers. :wink:


People should be concerned as 2 programs consume over half of Federal Government spending, SS/Retirement and Healthcare spending.

While the harpies continually harp on the military spending the say nothing about the failing healthcare and retirement spending.

The diversion continues.


This of course is the BIG divide in American politics today… On that says that government has the right to tax for any thing it desires while saying that the constitution is ‘abundantly clear’ that anything government wants, government can have. The other great divide in this subject is that some people believe that the government has the right to charge you to be a citizen…


And which do you consider more noble, making people well, or blowing people up. Think about it before you answer, it will follow you. :wink:


We don’t pay the military to dispense healthcare and any reasonable reading of our Constitution doesn’t support federally provided healthcare. You believe that people in your state should have healthcare then petition your state government to fund and administer it at the state level…


Unless Congress declares war i am for the removal of troops from all foreign soil.


You mean we are not expecting the imminent invasion of England, Ireland, France not to mention the US has nearly 1000 military bases, stations worldwide?


I think Germany would be the first place to withdraw from. Then go right down the list. Is Paris under attack?


One could make that case. With their Muslim problem however we have yet to declare war.


How about Congress declares war on the drug cartels and we reposition troops within our own borders to solve a real and present danger?


Some say the building a wall would make it more difficult for Cartel drugs to enter the US.

Perhaps we should legalize all illegal drugs and put the cartels out of business.


Just have Congress do it’s job and decide what it wants to do. Declare war if that’s the direction it wants to take then every action to win that particular war until it’s complete.

How many fu–in years are we going to waste our troops and resources in Afghanistan?


Afghanistan is where empires go to die.

Alexander the Great circa 330 BC conquered Persia in 6 months and then spent nearly 3 years attempting to subdue Afghanistan. The losses incurred and the resistance faced were some of the contributors to the eventual fall of his empire following his death

The British had three Anglo-Afghan wars spanning the 19th and early 20th centuries. The end result of these struggles were heavy British losses as well as the end of British military influence in Afghanistan

The Soviet Union attempted to capture Afghanistan in it's sphere of influence by spreading socialism there. While it initially gained traction, religious and tribal forces within Afghanistan resisted and this led to the Soviet-Afghan War. With help from the CIA and Arab/Muslim fighters from other regions, the "Mujahideen" succeeded in drawing the USSR into a protracted struggle that many believe led to the end of the Soviet Union. (the pebble that cracked the Soviet Empire)

It can be argued that the US conflict in Afghanistan which began in 2001 and continues to this day is another example of technological and military power being unable to subdue the tribal forces of Afghanistan

Afghanistan has gained the moniker “Graveyard of Empires” for causing superpowers to overestimate their odds of victory and overextend themselves in attempting to conquer it.


Oh, not just there, we have a global occupying force stationed in 140 countries now. In just the Middle East alone, 6 trillion dollars has been wasted since 2001. And people bitch about spending on social programs.


You obviously didn’t read my response to the thread above.