Where you stand


I’m curious to know what is the foundation of your beliefs which ultimately makes you choose what side of the isle you’re on. I believe there are essentials and nonessentials for each side. Nonessential can be a middle ground that can be debatable i.e. Welfare, healthcare, education ect. Essentials on the other hand are strictly one side or the other and debating these issues are much more difficult if even possible i.e. Following the constitution as it were written, abortion, the rule of law, religion, Free speech, ect. A persons ethics and morals must play a role in deciding where u stand on these subjects. I do not believe u can be fine with some of the essentials and not others when choosing a side. I am not talking about democrat and republican. I am talking about liberal vs conservative. For example; u can’t call yourself a true conservative and be anti 2nd amendment or pro choice because that would be contradicting. In other words you’re not just voting left or right, you need to be voting for everything you stand for that cannot be comprised. Now I know that there are a lot of things in the Republican Party that I don’t agree with but I consider these nonessentials which can possibly be changed. The essentials can’t and absolutely must not be changed. Ultimately it come down to how you want this country to end up for your children and grandchildren. The ramifications of our votes will decide this…IDK…maybe I’ve got it all wrong but that’s the way I see it…what say you?..


Welfare needs to be applied like unemployment able bodies need not apply , no more fourth generation welfare !
They must LOOK for work and provide the baby daddies so support can be paid . Checks on who is living in the household .
Healthcare , why do those that DON’T WORK have better coverage than those that PAY ? We should be able to purchase just the coverage we need and have the ability to shop from State to State .

Education , stop with all the new PC BS drilled into children’s heads . No more Spanish teachers in every classroom , learn the language , speak the language . Have side classes for those learning English
.Constitution , follow it , it is NOT a living , moving , breathing document . Free speech means free speech !!
Abortion is murder .
Rule of law , follow our laws or change them .

Immigration , merit based take in only those who have skills we need ! Deport ALL 30,000,000 illegals .
Why are we paying $ 120,000,000 every year for law breakers ? Charge ALL officials that foster illegals and promote sanctuary Cities and States , cut off Federal funds . This is a criminal enterprise .


While Im not American, I believe in your constitution, your founding fathers got it right, a bunch of wise men .

Im a right winger /conservative


I believe in individuality , I dont believe in the collective
I believe in free speech, no matter how odious one position is
I DEFINITELY believe in the 2nd Amendment, and living in a country that has 99% gun free zones has given criminals free reign is why Americans should fight for your 2nd amendment rights.

I believe government’s role is protect their citizens, their rights, not micromanage their lives

While I may not believe in your Republican party ( not since Reagan time) , I despise the Democrat party

I dont believe in democracy but I believe in the American constitutional republic as your founding fathers set up , including the electoral college… brilliantly done .:+1::+1::+1:

Abortion… well who represents the unborn? I dont believe in pro choice, you made a choice in having sex you deal with the consequences and for those who say “what about rape victims” ?

I say every rape victim should have the morning after pill, of course that will be difficult if the person is poor and doesnt have access to medical facilities

The only way Abortion should be legal if the pregnancy endangers the mothers life

Anyways my two cents.


I hereby dub you an honorary Conservative American pseudo citizen.:sunglasses:

I agree with your sentiments here.


Centrists are on neither side. Nobody’s wrong all the time and nobody’s right all the time, what partisan lefties and partisan righties say notwithstanding.


Well it’s funny u say that because one of the main reasons I started this thread was to find out where exactly ur kind stand on things…


Im for:
God and Country.
The constitution.
The right to bear arms.
Gov. Protecting us not controlling us.
Free speech.
Citizenship to vote.
Letting the police and military do their job.
Capitol punishment.
Torture at Guantánamo Bay "keeping our citizens safe by all means necessary "…
A fair and properly balanced gov.

I am against:
Abortion, other than the day after pill in rape cases.
Illegal immigration.
Gay marriage.
Political correctness
All genders other than male and female.
Man caused climate change.
Big gov.
Cronie capitalism.
Burning the flag or disrespecting our national anthem.
Open boarders.
Anyone living here that chooses not to assimilate.
The direction our culture is going.
Legal marijuana.


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Here’s your problem liberal, the constitution is always right, it stands in the way of your slave mentality.


I’m a US Constitutional Conservative! By reading the US Constitution it became clear to me, the prime objective was to embrace and protect the “unalienable Rights” of its Citizens from the crimes of others and from the crimes of government, no more, no less; the State governments did all the rest.

It so happens, these “unalienable Rights” are part of the physical laws of nature. Therefore, when one morally follows the laws of nature, one could fly above the clouds, walk on the moon, etc., advancing the standard of living for all, within a short period of 200 years like no other government in recorded history!