White House suspends press access for CNN's Jim Acosta. What took so long?


If the WH had taken away his credentials due to unorofessional and grandstanding behavior there wouldn’t be much of a controversy. But they had to lie and call it an “assault” when it clearly wasn’t.




well, u can make a big deal out of that kind of thing if u want but again, i find it comical and highly refreshing to have a president who s peaks the unvarnished truth, speaks his own true thoughts without worrying about how some pansy lib is going to take it… might faint or something…


i dont recall the word Assault but I will take your word for it—for NOW. I will be watching news soon, God willing

I just don’t know why libs and lib leaning folks dislike the honesty and forthrightness of Trump… maybe… not saying this is the case but MAYBE (with some) it is a matter of

they aren’t 2 crazy themselves about the truth?

just wondering




played over and over, that looks rather obscene

frankly, it really doesn’t look too assault-like… but since it’s Acosta, le’ts just go ahead and call it that LOL

just kidding… (pretending to be a Dem for a second or 2) :open_mouth:



I want to know who’s hand that is… its just creepy…


Well… Hum… I don’t know that I look at it that way. From 2010 with the Tea Party all the way through the RNC dumping on Ron Paul to the election of Trump, voters have been sending the republican party a consistent message that many of them have chosen to ignore and instead focused on padding their corporate connections. Trump is taking over the Republican party… you hear it at every rally about ‘this movement’… These people were not on board with what voters wanted… and they were punished. Trump should have gotten a repeal of ObamaCare in the first week… he should have gotten his wall or at least very strong border controls in the second week… Sessions should have had a plan to clean house in the DOJ in the third week and then shake out the FBI in the forth… The biggest danger that the democrats pose to the United States is that even if they hate each other, they consistently vote as a block. I likely would have found a slightly subtler way of doing what he did… but I’m not Trump and frankly they were no help to the cause anyway…


…just another journalist wanting to ask President Trump another “gotcha” question.



Acosta claims he didn’t touch her and it’s a fake video, but he did force her hand.
Not assult but he overpowered her to keep shooting his big fat mouth.


in about 10 yrs, he may be a conservative…

never know…

a lot of libs are libs only until about age 40. by that time, they have pondered a few things here and there and… well, you know… assuming they have an IQ over body temp


If you look at statistics, the loss in comparison to past mid term elections wasn’t;t a disaster. Expected but not as bad as past elections.


Fake video. I certainly expected the media and left to throw that out. What other way to excuse his reprehensible behavior.


I was LOL at the whole thing… can’t get over how awesome Trump is when it comes to giving the p ress what they deserve… As Hannity says there is no journalism anymore or it is dead (is what he actually s aid)

you know, the libs are control freaks… they try to force others to beleive what they believe. But you know, if you truly beleive what you believe, you don’t need to prove it to anyone much less force others to believe the same

people don’t like my religion but that doesn’t make me want to force it on them… As a matter of fact, I know it is useless to try to convert people who… well… whatever…


I agree with quite a bit of what you have said here. However, there is still such a thing as being decent to other people. Mocking someone who just lost a tough election race is the very definition of classless.


Oh I agree with you. There are still races to be called, and Dems will probably pick up at least a few more seats. However, it could have been a lot worse.

But I was pointing out Trump cheered when Mark Sanford lost his primary, and on Tuesday his ruby red district elected a Dem. That race wasn’t even on anyone’s radar, and I’m guessing Stanford would have been reelected. It’s always easier to flip a district or state when running against a non incumbent.


I remember the words of Cronkite, hunting a trapping for fur is the most inhuman imaginable.

That comment taught me at early age the bias in the media. As a kid that trapped and later hunted coons I’ll never forget that comment. Shortly after that they started attacking, throwing paint and in some cases blood on people wearing fur.


The left is out in full force tonight protesting. What else is new?


It was only a matter of time before it got yanked. He has been acting like a total jackass for the past 2 years.


Hunting game animals is part of game management.

Left to nature, species of game animals would overpopulate and die of starvation.

What a terrible waste of meat and hides that would be.

Mankind has been hunting, killing and eating animals for millennia.

For those that cannot hunt, we have domesticated beef, swine, sheep, goats, chickens, ostrich, and other delicacies for consumption…and there have been fish markets ever since mankind learned to eat them.

The death of one animal generally contributes to the life of another.

There was one particular duck hunting season in which I personally killed a bit over 300 ducks…hunted every morning and every evening of the Mississippi and Arkansas seasons (they overlap…a hunter with both or either license can hunt between the levees as long as the season is open in the state for which he holds a valid license…This is allowed because when you’re on the river, it’s sometimes difficult to know which state you are in…I held both licenses because of some honey-holes and flooded rice fields not near the river…in each state.)