White Privilege is Real


Desperate people commit desperate acts and if we improve education and inclusion and job skills programs give these people something to live for we will see welfare needs REDUCED.

Could it be that crimes are committed as it’s sometimes easier than working for a living?

Is it easier to sell cocaine on the corner or working at an entry level job?
Is it easier to collect welfare than work for the same amount of benefits provided by government?
It certainly is easier to blame a failed system than to look at the root cause. People, the way they were brought up, what they feel they are entitled to, the expectations of government assistance. the oh poor me syndrome.

Yes you are partially right and no you do not look at the entire picture and motivations of people.


frankly I see this as a very narrow view and a narrow mind. looking at the result of a bad system and blaming the result does nothing to fix the bad FAILED system. In my business we do root cause analysis and 5 why.

it would be enlightening for some to see where things like this actually lead if you have the courage to actually go down the rabbit hole. You might not like what you see though so I can understand the fear part of the problem might be…us.

and that scare the beejeezuz out of some people.

fortunately, we are on it and working to fix that root cause. we will let everyone know when we are done. don’t worry about a thing.

: )


Of course you see it as a narrow view as your unable to see beyond your belief system and see the world for what it is.

There are far more poor white people in this country yet they do not cause the problems poor black people cause in the cities.

You are full of excuses and an apologist. Sorry, everyone chooses, everyone lives with the decisions they make in life.


Progressives are an amazing lot to me. As tenacious as a pitbull, they will chomp on to anything regardless of what it is… regardless the futility of it and refuse to let go. Make no mistake; I am cynical about the system. I have some understanding of human nature and its failings and I also understand the devious lengths people will go to exploit those failings. If you think that the commercial narrative is so damaging you need look no further than the Democratic convention to see the manipulation presented in politics is both powerful and very calculated.
http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/07/29/tale-two-realities-msm-versus-social-media-dnc/ This isn’t an article about media bias… its about collusion.

I am afraid that by in large I see ‘White Privilege’ as yet one more subject created and manifest by progressives to keep blacks exactly where democrats have kept them for centuries…

“frankly I see this as a very narrow view and a narrow mind. looking at the result of a bad system and blaming the result does nothing to fix the bad FAILED system.”

Frankly I find this statement as humorous as I do stupid and it shows just how self absorbed progressives are. The results only show that the system has failed and the biggest failure is that democrats look at the failure and ALWAYS want to double down on it.

Example. We know that academic scores for children in the US have slid constantly since the inception of the US Department of Education. We know that children are leaving public school inadequately prepared for college. As a result employers no longer look at a high school diploma as an indicator of competency pushing the need for a degree to show any academic baseline. We know these things as fact… they are the results.

So the progressive solution… refuse to let children to go to schools that prove academic excellence and prevent states to be incubators for new teaching methods. Instead they push for ever greater centralized control and unions that protect teachers’ jobs regardless of the failure to do an adequate job… and believe me the composite score of a class is no less of an indicator of teacher’s performance than the individual test score is for the student. Along with refusing to allow schools to be opened to competition, progressives want to double down on the FAILED system…There FIX… they want to force society to pay for college for these kids that they have already failed to educated in the first place. Of course, this is where my cynicism kicks in for the motives of the progressive… it has never been about teaching kids how to think… just about teaching what to think and by golly the job wasn’t finished in high school.

They say that Trump supporters are generally ‘uneducated’… Well, what we can see from the left leaning academia in higher education and knowing that a diploma doesn’t equal intelligence… perhaps the more insightful are those who didn’t continue their indoctrination… and didn’t develop the snowflake syndrome.

Originally designed as Aid to Families with Dependent Children, the 1964 Welfare Reform Law transformed the program into one that forced fathers out of the home… As a matter of fact the entire great society effort has failed to yield any real difference in the level of poverty from when it started… and seems if not coincidentally to have halted a precipitous fall in poverty which occurred before its programs took effect.

Progressives, being the highly educated all knowing, don’t even listen to the people they purportedly intend to help. Blacks have long criticized the Affirmative Action Program as being ineffective to the people who need it. Many of these same people say that it is discriminatory in attempting to help the poor. They say that because the program is race based rather than poverty based, most (90%) of the beneficiaries of the slots provided by the program go to blacks who are already affluent enough not to need the kind of help it is suppose to provide. They say that if the program went to people in poverty that showed academic or business promise then even thought white poor would receive a proportional amount of help, poor blacks would receive more help than they do now and the poor would be helped universally.

They have been saying this for years… but progressives know what is right damn it… so sit down and shut up!


those are quite some conspiracy theories there.

I hope you will excuse me but quoting breitbart as a source is somewhat akin to MAD Magazine.

For several years now Massachusetts has been ranked #1 or #2 in public schools depending on which ranking agency you look at first we followed our own curriculum the MCAS, then Gov Deval Patrick moved us to the Federal Standard Common Core. Results remained consistent. Why?

Why can teenie tiny Massachsetts do this but Mississippi consistently is last, or, I think they moved up to 47 last year. whoo hoo!

The Dept of Education keeps those FAILED states from getting WORSE. Frankly they should be ashamed they are failing their kids so badly!!!

And I take exception that scores have decreased since the Dept of Ed I press the BS button on that one!

Please cite your source and not some right wing conspiracy hack but a real news source with impiracle data.

no, people make up a lot of carp progressives just call them on it.


Conspiracy… could you elaborate? Real news?.. where? In another post you quote gushing US.gov ‘reports’ but these are the same people who changed the criteria of long term employed to goose the unemployment figures… Changed the criteria for CPI to make it look better than it is… please. Personally I think if you got your head out of Huffpo and Salon you would be exposed to a wider variety of news. One thing that is interesting is with respect to Drudge. Now I know that he puts up article links that align with his world view… I admit that but he is the ONLY one who links to just about every media source and blog left right and centre. Salon would never link to Drudge… Breitbart News is indeed biased but you can’t take away the fact that they exposed Lena Dugham as a fraud (while the left still puts her up as a poster child for that fraud). Exposed the false allegations of rape on the UV campus and the hideous job of Rolling Stone in reporting it. That’s not to say that they have never gotten facts wrong but they present more of the story than the likes of Salon, Huffpo and horrendous Slate. (Yes, I read the propaganda from them too)

We have direct evidence of many things that happened all over that convention that were not mentioned by the media. We know for instance that several people were used to replace Sanders delegates… we know that they were given envelopes with cards they were to hold up on queue… we know that Sanders delegates had their credentials removed if they were carrying a ‘No TTP’ sign… We know a lot of things because of Instagram and twitter… we know that the media only gushed over the convention and everything that ‘happened’ there…

We know that every major news outlet almost simultaneously released a news ‘review’ of the Trump speak… without exception all of them used the word ‘Dark’ to describe his speech. Given the talent and of course the superior education of anyone associated with the left in general and journalism in specific I find it odd that they all settled on the same descriptive… plenty of other words to describe … disgusting. Now either they all got together and brainstormed their response in advance or every single publication plagiarized the first story to hit the press and we know how the left feel about plagiarism… don’t we?

While you are correct that Massachusetts does indeed have some of the higher performing schools it still lags behind the likes of Shanghai… As for proof of continually falling test scores with respect to other countries… why don’t you prove me wrong… go on. Oh, and I doubt we can give credit to common core for any statistical change in any states’ ratings… bit to new to have any hard data wouldn’t you say? And we don’t even wanna get into the cost per child for all of those less than stellar results…

Please, the left in general and progressives in specific are the biggest bunch of intolerant shit-slingers there are… they just dress everything up in pretty words like … Hope :joy: and Change :two_men_holding_hands:… and promise everyone who votes for them a bit of someone else’s hard work :gift:


I’ve been told I have an above average IQ. I don’t remember when I aquired that knowledge and I don’t really care. Maybe I am just a good test taker or maybe I was just “hot” the day of the test.

Now I’ve been told that because I am a white male I could never understand the plite of a black person. In the same breath I am told by our resident lefties to watch and sympathize with the mothers of slain black men.

Which is it? Am I even capable of understanding? Should I even bother? Maybe my IQ tests were falsified or exchanged by mistake with another student taking the test?

Help me out here. Give a guy a break. Being a white male I am at a distinct disadvantage.


you did it all for me in that last stream of consciousness. Thanks for that. Because if I had shown you, you would have just denied it anyway, so thanks for not making me waste my time.

Bernie was my guy. I contributed several times to Crazy Uncle Bernie because i thought his message needs to be heard, but he simply does not have the foreign policy experience to be President. We need to change how we pay people in this country. We need to eliminate student debt at crushing levels. Hillary has listened. And so I will support her.

Right now Hillary is around 260 projected electoral votes to Trumps 195. You only need 270 to win.

Trumps path is very tiny, something like 6 blue states would need to fall which could happen. Just like snow in August. I doubt his head will fit through the door.

continuing President Obama’s legacy will move this nation forward like never before. I couldn’t be more proud!


I have known lots of highly intelligent people who were completely ignorant about topics not limited to their wheelhouse.

maybe if you do a puzzle that will help?


I’m almost starting to think that you are nothing more than a smart ass, a troll and nothing worth having a dialog with…


I do not suffer fools gladly and will make no apologies for that. If you want to go off on a right wing BS tangent prepared to be called out because it is BS.

if you want to debate and discuss issues that affect us all and what both side HAVE done and CAN do that interests me.

But if all you want is to slam Democrats and President Obama yeah, you probably wont find me accepting that BS with much smile. I find such debates lacking credibility, not intellectually challenging and downright boring.

I am looking for people who can see both sides of an issue.

Hopefully I did not waste my time thinking that might be you but if I did yes I agree best to not waste our time.

certainly an opening salvo like you just levied might tell me all I need to know but since the internet can be unclear in conveying intent I figured I would give you the benefit of the doubt. for now.


Pollyanna supported the Bern, what a surprise. Hey stevie, the midget has been shelved. Taking down Trotsky, a monumental task by her highness to be sure. Now lets put our efforts into someone who is stupid enough to put national secrets and the lives of countless American’s in jeopardy, not to mention the expense of reconfiguring our entire intelligence structure. But hey stevie, it’s only lives and money.

Support the selfish bitch if you like. It’s on you if she succeeds and your children have to live with and pay for the consequences.


@DollarInflation … you remember Rollindude? I’m thinking Rollindude II… talks and talks but doesn’t say much and can’t back it up with squat.


You act as if this is the first time I’ve been around the block with dyed in the wool liberals or for that matter similarly opinionated conservatives. Liberals and conservatives on these forums while contending open-mindedness within their own hardened opinions, act in opposite but utterly predictable ways. A conservative opinion being challenged will, with regularity, be countered with silence. Not wishing to have their position examined further and certainly not willing to concede a point, they just shut up. Liberals on the other hand, double down, not with facts that challenge the premise given but with oh so repetitive rhetoric and lots of name calling.

I presented to you two… if nothing else, beliefs that 1. American children lag behind the rest of the developed world in almost all academic areas; a result magnified by the amount spent per student compared to other countries. 2. US test results when compared with the rest of the world have declined with regularity since the inception of the US Department of Education.

Your response was to tell me that Massachusetts schools are better than most other schools in the US. I don’t dispute that but it says nothing about my original assertion and then you take umbrage with my contention that test scores have fallen by calling it out as being ‘BS’… fair enough prove me wrong… shut me up with some fact.

Contrarily to the ‘America is Already Great’ mantra of the Democratic convention… our children are not prepared for college and our children imperially do not do as well as children of other countries. It is my honest belief that our children are best served by educational competition both by competing school concepts and by the diversity of ideas presented at the state level… your comment about Massachusetts, regardless of how they developed their approach proves my point but it does not prove that adopting that states solution nationally will actually be the best system possible. . It is my honest belief that the need to control education has less to do with real academics and much more to do with social message… Tell me why I am wrong… if you can spare the time.


Funny I had the same queasy thought. Figures he would reside in Venezuela North. I wonder if his Chaves-Madrona heating oil subsidy being cut off has his panties in a knot.

Oh,things were so much better under Teddy and Barney. If only Dukakis was elected things would have been so much better!

Good luck with this one scott.


where I come from insults like you just gave would be considered a big white flag from someone unable to respond with anything of substance.

your diatribes are boring.


I learned a lot sparing with Rollindude… He certainly knew how to push my buttons but he also taught me that most of the loudest loud mouth liberals are no more than that. They show by their own responses just what hollow jerks they are, how ill prepared they are for actual discussion on any issue(actually they are… they just know that when facts are involved they get their asses handed to them) and remind me every day why they are so terribly dangerous for a people… for humanity. They and their republican syncopates just can’t quite figure out what created Trump. The interesting thing is most liberals don’t even get the millennial popularity of Sanders… Hint: it’s not free college.


speaking of loud.

you guys should look in the mirror.

at first I thought I underestimated you. man was I wrong!


Did you hear something? … must have been the whisp of a thin skinned snowflake…


What a bunch of PC BS !!!