White Privilege is Real


Not to worry. Many of these Bostonian’s have been this way since long before the revolution. They just can’t come to terms with the proles throwing their precious tea overboard.

Our friend is looking forward to sexy Billy and frumpy Hill coming to the Vin yaarrrdd next summer and hanging with all the super lib swells.

Probably gets damp at the thought.


Breitbart like Huff Po is an aggregator.


Unlike HuffPo Breitbart it actually links to all of its sources which even includes every liberal rag going. HuffPo would never have the guts to do that.



It proves swish poole are either smarter than you or more ambitious.

Get a job, work hard and move ahead in life.


You have got to admit, he has a point. These are the people pushing “Nazis”, open borders, and white privilege. Ever wonder why the messaging is all the same all the time? Wonder why Bannon got kicked from the WH? Wonder why Breitbart is being called a “Nazi” publication?


And do you honestly care who runs the liberal median outlets?

Do you watch read any of the above???


Check out this rant… I wish every white person who felt this mayor would just publicly fall on their sword and sign their remaining life over to a black person… we need fruit pickers…


Watched just like realityTV. Im glad Trump ran and won the presidency, he had experience in the kind of reality TV tick-tack on full display here, and did not get suckered into its pull and smear, but rose above.


Yes there is white privilege. As a white male living in a city 65% Spicarican I have the privilege of paying for all their taxpayer handouts. I have the privilege of paying for their big SUVs that are in the laundromat parking lot and one car per person for each family member taking up to many parking spaces or in front of fire hydrants. What an honor to have white privilege!!!


Never looked at it that way.


Michael Brown was a complete POS, who, in his last moments was trying to murder a cop. Minutes before that, he is on video stealing a box of cigars from a store and choking the clerk,who was trying to stop him. I’m glad he is not around anymore. Trayvon already had liver damage by the age of 17 from Purple Drank, and was found in possession of burglary tools and jewelry (that wasn’t his) in his back pack. Brown’s and Martin’s parent, not parents, need to take responsibility for creating feral children and dumping them on society.


This unhinged psycho should not be in charge of a damn thing.


No sale here. When I taught (sorry to drag this ole’ chestnut out yet again) I developed and used a system by which I could not know the authors of the papers I was grading, and used a rock solid seven domain rubric to score them. My classes were, like the school itself 50% Hispanic, 20% African American, 30% Caucasian/Asian.

Whereas the Black subgroup, the first year I was there scored below the developmentally disabled subgroup on the API related testing, my AP Black, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian students all had similar bell curves in their scores and grades.

One woman started a Black Student Union, but far from a place to hang and chill, it had what seemed at the time pretty rigorous expectations- among them - 2.0 GPA min. no D’s, no referrals for behavior,no swearing or other loutish behavior at meetings/events.

The BSU became the largest club on campus, with members of all groups. Oh, and the Black subgroups scores rose 48 point the next year, and have risen every year since.

Black dysfunction is not a racial component, it is behavioral. While I feel for Black people who suffer for the stupid behavior of ghetto clowns (whether in ghettoes or not), I believe that Black people would enjoy the same treatment as White people if they embraced mainstream culture, and backed cops’ trying to clean up ‘hoods’ instead of the criminals who grind the other residents down.


I guess Mr Brown was targeted by a Racist
white cop and the store clerk interfered with him “borrowing” the cigars .
Poor Travon he had to go a convenence.store . If it was that important why didn’t his father drive him because of the numerous breakins that had occurred. Being the nice young man that he was he probably got an attitude when he was stopped.by a wannabe cop.


This has far more to do with class as opposed to race . There are many very poor whites who are left behind while Blacks skip the line with quotas and Affirmative Action mandates . Liberals are quick to help blacks but turn a blind eye to poor whites in need . So YES you are full of it !!!


This is just wrong !
The white privilege you speak of is more a privilege of wealth rather then race .
Any citizen of any race that has wealth will have privilege !
Yours is a attempt to divided American citizens by race and that is misleading at best or just dishonest !
There is little difference in the life’s of poor or working class Americans regardless of race .
If bring social justice to the front is your goal you are going about it all wrong . The only people agreeing with your point are the wealthy on the left all ready to decry the sins of white privilege and the those ready to blame anyone for their plight .
Open borders and free trade have done more to impoverish American workers then any fictional privilege you can dream up !


Open borders and free trade have done more to impoverish American workers then any fictional privilege you can dream up !

Never better said.