White Woman Cleans Trump's Hollywood Star, Mexican Woman Vandalizes It


White Woman

  • white
  • cleans up her community
  • respects authority
  • attractive
  • married with kids
  • healthy weight

Mexican “Woman”

  • shitskin
  • vandalizes the floor as a hard hitting political protest
  • #notmypresident
  • ugly
  • has a Monsters Univerisy hat, is a literal womanchild
  • fat

Is it time to address the beaner problem once and for all?


Just check their hood graffiti littered rat hole 25 illegals occupying a space meant for 2 . :roll_eyes:


This is vandalism. Is the Los Angeles Police Department so cucked that they won’t stop filthy Mexicans from vandalizing public property? It’s a disgrace and I’m glad Southern California is burning right now. I hope that the fires keep spreading and completely engulf all of Los Angeles. Let the elites and their burrito children burn to a fuckin crisp.


Want to understand Mexicans? Look at Mexico. It’s a geographically beautiful country that’s been completely trashed by the Mexican people. It’s filthy, poor, and completely corrupt. Instead of staying in Mexico to improve their country and solve their own problems, the Mexican Government encourages their own people to come to the United States, live and work here illegally, and send money back to the people who stay behind and who will piss it away on the Mexican economy. Mexico has absolutely no incentive to excel and improve on their own. They believe they have the right to come here, take from us, disrespect us, and trash our country just like they have trashed their own and send whatever money they make here back. Culturally, they are similar to Africans.


I would include most people from Central and South America in that boat as well. I think there are some places like Argentina and Chile that have some pockets of excellence, but they can thank European immigration for that.


Look at the 1848 war incited by president Polk which culminated in stealing lower Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. Karma!!


Do you want to live in a trashed up shithole? Vandalism of public property is somehow karma to you? If you have such cucked white guilt then open up the doors of your house and take it in the ass from all the Mexicans you feel you owe something to.

Better yet, why don’t you do the right thing and give all of your property and all of your wealth to the Mexicans you stole it from. You should lead by example.


Oh, I don’t think I owe Mexicans anything. I just pointed out that our ancestors stole that territory from Mexico after inciting a war, all based upon Manifest Destiny and a belief amongst many Americans at the time that it was their god given right to posses the land from sea to shinning sea. Mexicans are taking it back and it’s a matter of karma. I mean, it is what it is and there’s nothing I or you can do about it.


The good thing is California is burning. Hopefully all of Southern California gets wiped off the map. Then you can give it back to your precious Mexicans. I’m fine with that. We can build the wall around it too.


That’s mighty charitable of you.



It’s only yours if you can hang on to it. Death by a thousand cuts.