White woman moved into black neighborhood and surprised when police ignored crimes


People blatantly stole her packages and attempted to break into her home multiple times. Not sure why she acted all surprised when her bubble popped, by moving in Anacostia, Washington, DC, a crime-ridden area. It’s sort of hilarious and pitiful at the same time, to be in a bubble and have the courage to put yourself in danger just to prove that there is no “unsafe neighborhood dont be racist”. There is a reason for “white flight”.

You moved into an unsafe neighborhood, what do you expect?


Muslim immigration to America is plummeting
Graduation fraud in South East Washingotn D.C

I would say that the more flack cops get for doing their jobs in high crime neighborhoods… the more likely descent folks who live there will find themselves without earnest police protection too…


But he din du muffin wr0ng. He wuzz a good boi.


NW DC, Georgetown are super gentrified. But the farther East you go, the more ghetto it gets. White people pretty much never cross the Anacostia river. This woman is an idiot.


Fucking "gemtle giant ’ my ass !! How many times will we hear nitwits from the left chant "HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT " ?


Even the most ardent liberals avoid “Diverse” neighborhoods, unless diverse means Caucasian and Asian. I’ve always found liberal dopes hilarious when the decry Racism! and practice it themselves.


There’s plenty of white neighborhoods across the country that are crime riden and dangerous and not the place I’d like to live either. Most prudent individuals will check the crime statistics before they move into a neighborhood.


It is much easier the just check if the State is democratic and then STAY AWAY !!! :wink: