Who is really responsible for 911..?


A sign blaming Jews for the Sept. 11 attacks was hung from a pedestrian bridge over an interstate highway in Portland, Oregon.

The banner sign reading “Jews did 9-11” was hung on both sides of the bridge on Sunday evening.

Several people who saw the signs called the Portland Police Department to complain, according to the Oregon Live website. The police referred the issue to the Oregon Department of Transportation.



Your link goes to a 404 page.

Anyway @ArturAxmann why don’t you tell us your theory on 9/11? Do you believe that the Jews did it?


Must have been Hillary’s resistance group at work …reason number 254,956,987, 856, 356 she lost !!!


Israelis knew about it well in advance of the 911 attack and deliberately held back from informing NHS … WHY NOT!! if they let them [the Zionists] get away with killing US sailors on the USS Liberty
what difference does it make to anyone? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!


How do you know that Israel knew…?

Why on earth would they feel compelled to notify the NHS… Are we talking ‘National Health Service’ ala Great Britian or is this an acronym that I just don’t know about?


He is referring to the conspiracy theory related to Mossad agents having a van with materials that connected them to 9/11. It’s been circulating the internet for years. The dude posts no links though.


Humm… all this time I thought it was an inside job… a black flag… It is so hard to keep up with them all… The troubling thing is that, one of them might just be right… Globalist, bilderbergs, Trilateral, CFR were all a conspiracy until the came out of the closet smiling and saying “Yah, you right, we been conspir’in”…


There’s very little that Israeli intel agents do not know about American top secrets.
Given the coordination the Israeli Knesset enjoys with the US Congress it becomes obvious .
Nothing happens in Congress without the approval being given in the Knesset. Both of these two legislative bodies may as well be one. And nothing in the Knesset does not gain immediate approval in DC. We are under ZOG! get used to it!


Wow who would have known all the Saudi’s the committed the crime were actually Jewish.


No doubt who actually did the deed but who had the responsibility of possibly preventing it from happening. ?
In all such matters I recommend you consider all who benefit from these types of things.
If you can’t manage it, then ask any adult to help you.


Oh please.

Improper immigration and tracking was private,marily responsible as several were visa over stays.

Add to that, why would the government allow people temporarily in the country i to flight school.

An adult would see beyond the veneer of their political mantra and see the truth, they entered the country with a plan, ask Osama, oh that’s right they killed him. A plan starts during the clink ton administration and complied during the infancy of the Bush administration.

I can see there are no adults where you live.