Who is the most interesting person you ever met?


If you are like me, you have to think awhile to come up with the answer… so I am thinking…

see ya laters


that would have to be ME

can a person meet themselves?


well, if you decide to do some soul searching, yeh… you could call it meeting yourself…

2nd most interesting person I’ve ever met was… toss up between

hmm… well, I know there is someone besides this person but I will talk about this woman. I met her when both of us were nearing the age of 18. She struck me as very unique because she spoke her mind… on just about everything… kind of like Trump. She taught me that white sugar is the worst thing u can ingest… the way it is processed, so she got me interested in natural food. I am not as into that stuff as i used to be… bc organic food is very expensive… but anyhow… I had never met anyone like her b4 and I loved how she told the truth all the time, even though one time it was a little irritating bc she said she didn’t like something I did… can’t recall what it was. Today, I would get very angry (probably) if someone did that (bc I never do anything seriously wrong so… no reason to criticize me :slight_smile: ) but at that time, I just thought it was beyond cool

wish i had stayed in touch