Why aren't the Clinton's being investigated for COLLUSION?


Thank F-ing God !!!


This is what you get with a race to the bottom. Clinton loses, Trump wins and the American people would have lost regardless of the winner.


I don’t disagree.

But if you’re intellectually honest and they’re both indefensible, don’t defend them - either of them. Nor bring one up to excuse the shittiness of the other.

Jus’ sayin’ …


I regret to say as always we get exactly what we deserve when we have bad candidates.

This election was never about the best person for the job as none applied.

I have to admit, Trump plays the media like a fiddle, when the fire get hot he looses a little tweet and diverts the attention of the entire country.


Actually it is remarkable the things Trump has achieved in a short time with NO help from dems or half of his own party . Stop believing the stupid shit in the media .



Resist…resist… The Corp. Dems just want to appear to be on the side of Americans. They have splintered the left so bad, I think we will see a good 3rd party run…


It’s time for a new party.

One that actually represents people not the party and their own best interests.


Oh, I agree. That is why I am on the Draft Bernie bandwagon :slight_smile:


OMG !! Not that socialist commie career government tit sucker . How many homes does that phony have these days ?


More like do nothing , nothing , nothing !


That all changes once they inform them how things work around here and the lobbyist start feeding them the big bucks !


3 and he got the third from selling his parents house…
So, then what do you call successful?



Bernie is another politician wrapped in the veneer of caring.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) told the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday that the FBI investigation into his wife “really stinks.”


It does stink, the only reason there is even an investigation is because of Bernie Sanders. If he wasn’t the husband of Jane Sanders, I am almost certain you wouldn’t have even seen an investigation.
It happens all over the country. They aren’t the only state/school that had financially failed.



And the only reason there is a Trump investigation is because it’s Trump.

So far finding nothing they seek to expand the investigation. Maybe a 3rd cousin on a step mothers side has dirty laundry.

You reap what you sow.


No, probably the same “powers that be” are against Trump. As you know Trump has always spoken out about how Bernie was treated in the press also. Most of the Press is Neoliberal / Corp Dem controlled. The right has at least FOX… What do progressives have? The closest thing is RT, isn’t that ironic. Russian Television is the most MS progressive channel that people are exposed to.


Trump got sued for his malfeasance… It is no doubt likely that Bernie was the magnet that drew attention to her but it certainly wasn’t sexist as she is now armwaving about and it is no more political that getting to the bottom of the Russia matter is… even if it winds up squarely in the lap of the DNC and the Clintons…


I agree wit you although I would add that even Fox is sliding more towards the center-left and is more responsive to the establishment than to what the people have to say.


I don’t think that you are keeping up with the internal dynamics of FOX and the Murdoch’s… the left has captured that as well… Hannity’s days are numbered… Alias’s sexual BS was political cover… political views are changing at the core of the Fox leadership… The right have Breitbart…

As far as RT goes… it has always been a friend of the left… Russia has always been an ally of the left… The USA communist party is the American affiliate of the central committee and they have never supported anyone other than a democrat…