Why aren't the Clinton's being investigated for COLLUSION?


NY’s Wash Post
LA Times


You nailed it !! Bernie loves spending OPM and is the worst thing ever for the American WORKER and taxpayer .


What stinks is someone has to pay .



Wow, really? Making the wealthy pay their share, stopping the “wars/conflicts” would free up enough money to do anything we want.
You also are missing the FACT that money is actually NOTHING.
We can sit and squabble over what pays for what. When in the end it all gets paid with DEBT. The only way to create money in a FIAT system is through DEBT. Take away all the Debt and NO MONET will EXIST.
That is the FACT. The more people that are “born and use money”. The more money that needs to be created, so that everyone has enough money.
So just the mear fact of saying FREE crap to discredit Bernie and his message is ridiculous. When looking at how money is created.
You seem to have no problem creating Trillions to bomb other countries, but want to yell about feeding and healing people of our own country…



It beats the hell out of anything second or third .

I’m sure you know what that means , I sure the heck don’t .

Pay their share ??? What the hell ??? In California the top earners pay over 52% of their income while able-bodied lazy deadbeat sit at home waiting for good old Bernie to dole out TAXPAYER DOLLARS !


LMAO, Do you know what made America Great? Do you know what actually made it where ONE person - the man- could support a family working a good paying blue collar job? Yes when the rich paid more.
Before the Trickle Down BS … of Regan.
It has been trickling down all right… All the BS that is…

It means that ALL money is CREATED out of DEBT… What is hard to understand about that. WE have a DEBT BASED Fiat currency.
Get educated on what our money system really is and how they captured it with the FED RES. ACT. Yes, The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the goverment. It is a private organization of private companies… That make the money out of thin air…
You seem to think that people working 60 hours a week and still can’t afford a night at the movies are LAZY??? Exactly the type of mentality- that has been holding us back.
Progression… not living like we are animals… I might just come and take your BONE, and lets see how lazy you think I am. I am not LAZY, I am ruthless…


Never happen !!! NO MAN ever took anything from me ! You are playing far too much Xbox , so don’t be a keyboard tough guy . You have no clue who you are threatening !!!


It wasn’t a THREAT… it was a “euphemism”. Clearly I don’t know you or care to find you to “take” your bone!
Just wow.
Seriously, smoke a fatty or something…
It is a reference to your attitude. and clearly we can see that it is in need of adjustment.


Posted in error …

Sorry guys :grinning:


Clearly you need to look up euphemism. And chill out a bit !!!


Clearly you see that it is in " quotations" what does that mean to you?
I need to chill, really. It would seem that you are the one that got all bent out of shape.
Anyone would have read that comment and seen that it wasn’t a threat as you tried to make it out to be…


I wanted Bernie to win the Democratic nominee for President as I believed he was the chaos candidate like Trump was from Republican side. I thought Clinton was unpalatable and would have liked to see Sanders V Trump. Hopefully the DNC shenanigans will come to legal light and they clean house of old shills.


Imagine chaos vs chaos instead of the race to the bottom.


With Bernie imagine Greece ! :grimacing:


We are not far from Greece with the democrats and republicans today.


Well some here think debt is meaningless and they can print as much as they see fit without any consequences and supported good old socialist Bernie the man with the plan to give away TRILLIONS and absolutely NO idea how to pay for it . :laughing:


If the DNC shenanigans do come to light it is quite possible that most of its leadership will be indited and the rest humiliated… Far more going on here than redirecting support away from Sanders…


Clearly you are just running the OLD deflection of the primaries - That is what is old.
You and your logic of Free Stuff and nothing to pay for it is BS.
MAny many times Bernie showed how to pay for it ALL.
He had over 170 Economist endorsing his plan. What did your candidate have? What did any of them have?

Seems like you might be passing a fib on, becuase clearly the statement:

Well clearly that was and is BS


Such a Fascist Bernie Basher… Just wow…