Why aren't the Clinton's being investigated for COLLUSION?


Thats one thing about ‘economists’… they are of course theorists… one school pushes one theory another school something else. We have lived with the combination of Keynesian and MMT until we are just about in the ground… the straw of course will be when the world turns its back on the green back and the US either implodes… or causes the world to explode…

Well at the very least, he had a dialogue that hasn’t been had in a long time… and he most certainly was swimming against the globalist tide. Now, thats certainly not to say that he is small government… just focused differently that the money men like.


Yes, that is understandable. But it still point to the fact that NONE of the other candidates had 1) a plan as detailed as Bernie’s. 2) Economist backing their plan.
Bernie knew they would come after him with that FREE crap stuff, and he planned for it by having the most detailed plan ever.

The problem is we are “small” on the EPA and FDA - corrupt also, and BIG on things like the MIC. Seems like we have our priorities backwards. No we do have them backwards.


With this kind of vision I can see why you demand free healthcare… the EPA and the FDA will most certainly churn out regs that will keep you from growing your own…


That is part my point. They are corrupt. They don’t do what they were enacted for - protecting the people.
Just posted where the EPA and Monsanto where colluding and conspiring to get things passed.
I agree that there are way too many loop holes, but the problem is you make on loop, and the corporations find away around it… then you have to create another one. This goes on and on - till the EPA and others have no effect on defending the environment or American people. Corporations will always be concerned with Profit over People - Capitalism is like that.


WOW !!! You fell for the BS , so his big plan to pay for trillions and trillions in SPENDING was to put millions to work ? Give me a F-ing break , most companies would CLOSE after having to pay $15 plus per hour for those that can’t count to 10 ! :laughing: Then there is raising TAXES , followed by raising TAXES , then raising payroll TAXES , and added 2% more in taxes for healthcare . Then TAXING dividends and capital gains at a much HIGHER rate . ALL this as more and more can’t find work money is OUT OF PLAY and China and third World Countries eat our lunch ! WTF :laughing:


Do you know what the tax brackets were before Regan and his “Trickle Down” ?
Yeah, you might be shocked if you looked it up. During the years before Regan one man could work a nice factory job and could support a family.
Can’t do it now…
As I have stated, them creating money for jobs is nothing, they can do it out of “thin air”. Money really does “grow on trees”.
The more people in the economy, the more debt/money needs to be created to supple them with money/debt.


:joy: Surprising to hear a Bernie suppporter make that realization! There may be hope for you after all. :laughing:
So when we are flooded with Third World ILLEGALS that Bernie gives amnesty to and the multiple closings like Kmart ,Sears, Macy’s, etc. And the workers that get tired of being TAXED to death it won’t take long for them to get on that everything free gravy train like the rest of the welfare lazy ass able-bodied leeches ! It won’t be long before 75% are collecting off the 25 % that can hang on to their job . Great Bernie plan !! :joy::joy::joy:


I think everything you just said is clearly fantasy. Meaning you don’t have one fact to back it up. It is all in your mind.
You have no clue as to what will happen. Being scared of progress is not a good trait to have.


Talk about not having a f-ing clue your nitwit candidate couldn’t even beat the most hated woman in the world !!
American voters and WORKERS are sick and tired of getting TAXED to death to support illegals and lazy ass basement dwellers. Socialism is a dream of the dreamers and those takers of the world . Stand up and provide and stop being so dam dependent on those that have initiative and work for a living . What f-ing socialist own 3 homes , a $700,000 beach front home , sports cars and net worth of near a million ? 40 years in office sucking on the government tit , a do nothing commie . :laughing::laughing:


have you seen what most politicians own? Hmm. Bernie just became wealthy in that sense. That million dollars came from a book deal. You really have no room to be hypocritical here. One minute you say free stuff, the next you are bitching about Bernie having stuff he worked very hard for. Which is is?


Worked hard ??? Worked hard my ass !!! :laughing:


Oh, I see. Don’t comment on the hypocriticalness of your statement.


Talk about hypocritical , when does a socialist accumulate such wealth ?? Face it you are a control freak , more regulation, bigger government , tax the he’ll out of those that have initiative , and whine about the election . PITIFUL! :laughing:


One thing that is always observable of a totalitarian state be it socialist, fascist or otherwise is a most pronounced two class society… you never saw Stalin living in communal housing did you? He is like every other socialist… the profits still go to the top but they give the proletariat an equal amount that is just enough to keep them from rioting…


What about the Socialist ideals they had in Libya? Free healthcare, Free College, Free Housing.
Yet, Gadaffi’s parents lived in a tent until everyone else had a house to live in.
That is True Democracy… True Socialism. True love of your people!


Fair play I suppose… virtuous; certainly better than most all others but the wealth that Libya accumulated was strictly on its oil resources (and perhaps a few questionable contracts)… it took capitalism to drive the kind of consumption that gave that country its wealth.

P.S. I wouldn’t call that ‘true democracy’… a little matter of a coup d’etat


Yes, they used what resources they had, what is wrong with that. I am sure they could have sold oil - no matter what base their economy was. I am missing the point here.


I’m just saying that his oil was worth nothing without a market… Was he noble in the dispersement of the wealth… yeah… but he still had a pretty stylish tent and his bunker wasn’t bad either…


Oh I am not saying HE didn’t live well. But what he did was spread that wealth more then any other “Democracy” was in the world. They also had a true participatory democracy also. But that is for another time.
But his parents did say they would stay in their tent. and did - until every other Libyan had a house.
But yet they are painted as bad people, and everything was a lie about what his nation truly was. It isn’t that other systems don’t work.
It is because they are made to fail. They are sabotaged.