Why as we become browner and browner do you think


Whites ever immigrate to US again?

Have you noticed the brain drain?


Where does this shit come from…


I think people in Europe who aren’t brainwashed are desperate for a place to go. That could turn things back in the opposite direction demographically for the US. Of course, for those people, trying to follow our immigration policies would make their legal immigration damn near impossible. I think we will see a lot of people coming to visit as tourists and never leaving. If all illegals end up getting amnesty, they will too.


Presumably you refer to mostly Europeans who’s countries have pulled ahead of the United States in so many categories that the appeal that they found in 19th and early 20th centuries is gone.


Europe is a total disaster what are you even talking about.


Please be specific. What European countries are you talking about and in what “categories” have they exceeded the US?


Most Western European countries in health, education, traffic safety, personal safety (from crime) longevity, infant mortality…


“Where does the shit come from”?

Good question. Where I live , mostly syria ; dune coons.

Eastern and Central Euros laugh at the mixed race culture of the US. A multicultural hell-hole.


There are plenty of places in the US that better resemble a European ethnostate than the majority of Europe now.

Only the liberal cities are multicultural hell holes.


D-A-T-A !!! :thinking: :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


American-born children of Spanish immigrants had an average IQ of 78. For the children of Portuguese immigrants, the average was 84; Italians, 84; northern Europeans, 105; and Old Stock Americans—descendants of British, German, and Dutch immigrants—106.

Hispanic immigrants and their American descendants have low IQs because they have immigrated from countries whose citizens have low average IQs. A review of 39 studies by the Clemson psychologist Philip Roth and colleagues that reports that Hispanic-American IQs average 89.2 points
The Heritage Foundation issued a new study showing that letting illegal immigrants from south of the border become citizens would cost more than $6 trillion dollars in social benefits by 2050. SIX TRILLION !!!


Department of Antiquated Tidbits Ananlysis


The USA has been a mixed culture from very early on.


And lately more $hit has been thrown into the mix . :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing:


why havent the white afrikaans from S. Africa been givne refugees status, when they are being prosecuted against, with thei lands razed and redistrubuted, and their families slaughtered?


Whites don’t count anymore , we are the whipping boys lately ! :rage:


Hispanic is the fastest growing demographic in the US. Whites become minority by 2044.


So how come you think so many on the anti-immigrant bandwagon see citizenship as the only way people should come here?

A better alternative to costly citizenship would be to let them come in as guest workers and then incentivize employers to hire American workers. Deny all the benefits and privileges of citizenship to guest workers and get over this issue.


Nobody on the “anti-immigrant” bandwagon sees citizenship as the only way people should come here. The report tt53 refers to is discussing those illegals already here, being granted amnesty.

There are numerous “guest worker” visas, to include family visas and entrepreneur visas, there are over 1 million visas issued yearly, not counting the Visa Waiver Program (roughly 5 Million visitors a year) where certain countries peoples are allowed to visit here for up to 90 days before they must depart. Federal benefits are denied to immigrants for their first 5 years (with the exception of emergency aid), yet they can get states benefits, dependent on the individual state. Immigrants don’t have the privileges of citizenship until they become citizens, they are not covered by the entirety of the US Constitution.


You are not the ultimate authority you think you are and your attempts to belittle me are not appreciated.

The over-all feeling of most on the anti-immigrant bandwagon gives them two options:

  1. Deportation

  2. Citizenship

I gave a third option. People are free to pursue the suggestion that we have a third option or not. You’re not God and if you came here to troll me, there is already an existing thread for that.