Why as we become browner and browner do you think


Never claimed to be any ultimate authority, nor did I belittle you in that comment.

Your clam the over-all feeling of most anti-immigrants is BS. Most in the anti-immigrant movement want immigration halted for a time and all illegals deported. The only persons wanting to grant citizenship are those that are for illegals, such as yourself.

The “third” option you gave is nothing more than what the laws are already, so nothing new.


You’ve been all over the map with your baseless and idiotic allegations. Now, I’ve asked YOU to quit trolling me. You already have an opportunity to do that on another thread. And I have taken a lot of time out of my schedule to accommodate your stupidity.

So, I’ll report this and if the mods / admins want this to be a continuation of that other thread, we can destroy this board like some of the others you have done so with as you follow me around like a dog in heat.

So, you’re claiming you know what the people who create the talking points want and don’t want? Are you one of them?

I don’t need your help in telling people what I do and do not believe - and you’ve never been honest NOR accurate in any of your criticisms of me.


Wow… now thats news to me… I thought it was white owned and operated… imagine the melting-pot really works … if the government would just get to hell out of the way.


The truth to that question may be more than we care to accept.


You must be wetting you pants over that little quip.


Apparently you haven’t read the news in the last few years.
From your state department:
United Kingdom
Exercise increased caution
Exercise increased caution in France due to terrorism.
Exercise increased caution in Germany due to terrorism.
Exercise increased caution in Spain due to terrorism.

Exactly which country are you referring to???


Then how will they all vote democrat under that policy ? :wink:


Other than deportation, what do we do with illegals "UNKNOWINGLY "over staying work or student VISAs. The Hispanics knowingly breed like mice because they know us "kind-hearted "taxpayers will pay for them.:japanese_goblin:


2044…we’ll have another problem.


Explore the illegally ratified 14th Amendment

If the privileges and benefits of citizenship are reserved to citizens, it will take the possibility off the table that you will ever have to pay for them.

Even if takes a constitutional amendment, the benefits and privileges of citizenship should require one to become a citizen in order to receive them.


I agree that only U.S. citizens should receive the benefit of our social services and I would support an ammendment. :sunglasses:


They got a foot up by one sided free trade deals that screwed American workers and manufactures !


Democrats and Republicans alike supported NAFTA and Americans had the chance to do something about it with Ross Perot but they chose the democrat and the republican and here we are. If you want something different, do something different.


The swamp is deep and wide and both sides are easily corrupted !
That why President Trump was elected !


He’s doing it differently… He’s challenging the harmful affects of NAFTA… he told the EU if you want free trade then drop the subsides and the tariff… he told Trudeau that he wasn’t happy with a 280% on US dairy in their desire for free trade… He’s stopped pandering to Iran and Korea. He has stopped doing what other presidents both democrat and republican have done in the pass and some people still bitch…


He is truly a law unto himself and is for the first President in my lifetime doing the peoples work


The voters did something different and your still wetting your pants.


He certianly has monte and Soro’s tail in a twist…

‘everything that could go wrong has gone wrong’ :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Resisters are all socialist dopes !


We’re nearing zero statistical unemployment; nobody is kissing Jonathan Carl’s butt to get the accolades of NBC News; Obamacare is being dismantled little by little. I guess Soros must be pretty miserable.

An employed society is a happy society. We could do better with a constitutionalist, but they no longer exist.