Why as we become browner and browner do you think


He brought the swamp with him though. Why are you Trumpers not bothered by the members of his cabinet abusing tax payers money. Why do you support Pruitt remaining in his job given the way he’s using his office and federal resources to enrich himself. That’s the basic prohibition to elected officials. The hypocrisy is thick enough to cut with a knife.


I’ll presume you intended to make a joke. I am The Resister and I’ve never suggested a socialist solution to anything - even when the right is compromising with them and cursing me for not jumping on the bandwagon.

The left’s attempt to co-opt the real resistance is a freaking joke. If you are a part of the real resistance, you want to see America reclaim the Liberty we foolishly gave away to the government - only to be lorded over by tyrants. Whether it’s Socialist Sanders, Hitlerly Clinton, or Donnie Stump, the destination seems to be the same.

If you support the same old, same old, you’ll keep getting the same old, same old.


Yep, vote for democrats/republicans election cycle after election cycle and hope for something different.


Everybody is dissatisfied with the status quo. They bitch and moan, cry and complain, but in every election cycle they end up voting for the same political propaganda prostitutes that they know, for a fact, is lying to them.

The left may tell you how much they care about people, but their “solutions” if you call regression a solution,do not solve any real problem. What they really want is to divest the white people of their country and make them second class citizens.

The right suffers with the same disease. Their leaders keep coming up with cockamamie horse manure that they know, for a fact, will never pass constitutional muster and be over-turned at some point in the courts.

The people love it that way. Heaven forbid that we ever have a grass roots effort not to see who can accuse the other of this or that, but rather come out with a fair and equitable solution where all sides win.


If the 14A were illegally ratified, some cockamamie theory from the 1950’s, Article 4, section 2, clause 1, still exists. The 14A is directed at the state, not the citizen, unlike A4S2C1 which is for the citizens right. Then you have the 10A which allows for a state to choose to allow immigrants, legal and illegal, to receive some forms of social benefits as per a states right.

Do you really think a states social benefits are privileges of citizenship? The only thing immigrants can get at the federal level is emergency aid, at the state level, it’s up to the individual state. States rights are what you Libertarian/Constitutionalist types like to claim, right?


REAL life , where does your nonsense come from ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


And yet working Americans are starting to prosper !
We have a supreme court justice that is a true constitutionalist !
We arn’t forcing Americans to purchase health care they don’t want or need !
More minority black and brown are working then any time in our nations history !
ISIS is in retreat and almost destroyed in Iraq !
We are seeing a President push working class issues fair trade for the first time in my lifetime !


If Pruitt can dismantle the EPA back to its original Superfund job… clean up the sites and then decommission itself… he and his entire staff can fly first class. I don’t see a lot of hypocrisy but I do see a lot of very uneasy people on both sides of the political divide… Trumps not the president I want but I think he is the one that we need at this time. It will take a lot of egg breaking to undo the progressive mess of the last 100 years.


No joke I was referring to the resist movement .
I didn’t know we have TheResister here as a member my apology .


Not much to do with the US.


The corruption, the CORRUPTION!!! As long as Pruitt’s killing the EPA, who cares if he’s also using his office and federal resources to enrich himself, shrug.


Alleged corruption… If everyone who is alleged to be doing something seriously wrong were investigated, a lot more people would be on the hot seat and many of them left government a couple of years ago for cushy jobs provided by Obama’s revolving door. If Pruitt did something worthy of investigation and they find he is on the wrong side of the law, so be it but you have to admit, democrats are trying to make mountains out of every mole hill they can find.


WTF are you talking about ?
“Pruitt’s killing the EPA,”


Was in relation to my comment but he still has his nose in the air about commenting to me directly and I haven’t called him a name in months… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


He did something like that to or for me depending how you look at it .
I must have pissed him off and he didn’t post anything to me for a couple weeks .


He has dissed me for month… I thought when he came back that he would address reasonable comments but no… I’m still on his shit list but as I have said before, I will engage his comments and will always get the last word by default… :man_shrugging:


But there expansion into Iraq was caused by the US at the time.


He acts like a whiny 5 year old pouting.


You should feel fortunate.


I’m sorry that I don’t fit your classifications. If you learned how to look at an individual and ask questions instead of making assumptions, you could learn something. Then you might not feel the need to make enemies out of every person you disagree with.

I have NO problem with the states inviting foreigners to enter their state. IF that state gives the foreigner any benefit or privilege associated with citizenship AND IF they receive any federal funds to subsidize any such aid, the federal government ought to be able to cut the federal funding out. The courts ruled on this issue before:

It is hardly lack of due process for the Government to regulate that which it subsidizes.”

Wickar v Filburn 317 U.S. 111 (1942)

In a similar case, the United States Supreme Court had more to say about that precedent in the case of U.S. v Lopez:

"They ruled that there were “three broad categories of activity that Congress may regulate under its commerce power:” (1) “the use of the channels of interstate commerce”; (2) “the instrumentalities of interstate commerce, or persons or things in interstate commerce, even though the threat may come only from intrastate activities”; and (3) “those activities that substantially affect interstate commerce.”


I’m not the first on this board, or any other, to acknowledge that labor is considered little more than a commodity to business. This point of law has not been fully settled, but IF states do draw money from the feds and use it to benefit non-citizens, you know where I stand. Some people are on these boards claiming the government IS involved in this practice, you claim they aren’t. Nobody has paid me to research the fifty states so I’ve offered a solution IF something is true. IF it’s not happening, then chalk it up to more misinformation being disseminated by the anti-immigrant lobby. I have no loyalties to any side in the fight.

If anyone wants to know what I believe, I’m sure they are capable of asking. Needless to say, no other “type” out there is representing my point of view. My views are solely my own, based upon research into history, law, and the many differing points of view I’ve heard over the years.