Why as we become browner and browner do you think


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Yup , that JV team is what we all heard from YOUR leader !!! :laughing::laughing:


Son, you’ve never known a thing about “my” leader and the JV stuff must be an inside joke as I have no idea what it is.


You responded to TT53’s response to Montecresto1, it had nothing to do with you, go back up and look at the discussion.


If you’re trying to make a point, you’ll have to be less cryptic.


Open boarders has nothing to do with American liberty’s .
Open borders depress wages allow drugs and human traffickers to simply walk across the border !


The word is borders if you’re talking about imaginary lines defining where America begins and ends in terms of real estate.

If open borders depressed wages, we would not now have fast food companies now offering $17 an hour for workers; we would not be approaching zero statistical unemployment.

Drug traffickers are going to keep coming until you stop the demand side of the equation.

The creation of the POLICE STATE has EVERYTHING to with Liberty.


Don’t have a thing against legal immigrants and like most of the USA welcome them.

We have millions of people across the globe that want to come to the US and wait in line while the people from exercise their rights as you believe to cut in line and come to the US today.

Some how seems unfair to those following our laws and processes.

You should get a grip on reality as no one cares dog fecal matter about you.


I live in the United States not Mexico. America should not be like Mexico. you seem to be implying that we should adopt the laws of Mexico.

Obama saw the socialist solutions of other countries as a pretext for socialized medicine. You want the immigration policies of a run down third world cesspool to be employed in America? What kind of a freaking country are you trying to build? If America had been all that freaking “great,” how come there are so many socialist proposals being floated to make us like the third world and the socialist cesspools of the world?

If I make a list of the unconstitutional policies and consequences of anti-immigrant legislation, would you concede defeat OR would you lie, deflect and deny the truth?


We absolutely shaped adopt the laws of Mexico.

Mexicans as well as all illegals that are here would be reluctant to stay here.

Could it be the entitlement syndrome where everyone has their hand out for FREEEE


You don’t care about me? Then why obsess over me? Why not allow me to have my opinion and you just move along?

The "legal" immigration angle is an emotion laden term that has no real meaning. If your culture gets destroyed “legally” then that is acceptable to you?

Omar Mateen’s parents came here “legally.” They radicalized their son who then murders 49 people and injures 53 more. You don’t have a problem with him as his family came here “legally.”

Nidal Hasan’s family came here “legally.” They radicalized him and he went off on his fellow soldiers killing 13 of them and injuring 32 more. But, his parents came here “legally.” So, that’s acceptable. His parents came here “legally” and that is all that matters.

Spare me the stupidity of bumper sticker slogans.


I have two people telling me the foreigners don’t qualify for freebies and now you’re arguing they do?

If you like the laws of Mexico so damn much, why not move there?


If someone wants to discuss an aspect of this subject, we can do ONE. But, no point trying to go around the world rather than one subject at a time.


Check your posting record, dummkopf! It is you that displayed your fascination with penises and dicks. I simply gave you a pacifier.


You are lying. I got attacked by your boyfriend who had an unhealthy obsession with a white supremacist that got killed by a black dude when the white supremacist tried to proposition him for sex.

That same POS who is trolling me here, tried his boyfriend’s tactics on me on another board. It was reported and discussed WHEN he did it - long before I found out the real reason that POS was pursuing me from board to board.

And no, I don’t need your nasty pacifier; put it back in your mouth and if someone needs anything, they’ll let you know.


Check your posting record, dufus. You brought that shit on yourself.


I stand corrected… :blush:


I brought this shit on myself because - with you, I refused to kiss your ass on the way in. The difference between you and I, when I don’t like someone, I don’t make a spectacle out of it on the Internet.

There is a big difference between being a man and a chump like you that plays Keyboard Commando. I’m not crying about it. Just giving you the opportunity to grow up, get your head out of your ass, and IF you have a point about the subject, make it.

You know you have nothing of substance to offer on the subject. Since you cannot defend your issue on its merits, you have to keep the personality contest going. But, hey, if you don’t have a good argument about immigration, desperation is all you have. You were the dumb ass that started calling me names. I’ve had critics message me here and admit that. If there were anything you wanted from me, you would have told me to name the time and the place.

So, yeah… checked the record and allowed you to call me names on four occasions. I’m not kissing your ass. You’re not a man; you’re spineless and you’re stupid. If you would like to get back to the topic, let’s do it. Otherwise, we can keep this up all day.


And it’s pointless for you to constantly whine about that because both democrats and republicans pander to big business that wants open borders. If you want something different then do something different, shrug.


And that’s Bingo…


You’re just going to have to ignore people that are rude and nasty too you.