Why as we become browner and browner do you think


What rights or liberties have citizens lost due to immigration laws? We don’t want your opinion of what policies you think are unconstitutional, or what you think the consequences of immigration legislation has done, your opinion means jack shit. Simply name the rights and liberties you lost due to immigration laws. Then we’ll see if you understand what a right actually is.


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He’s a stinking nasty punk and a liar, a one term president because he’s so hated here and abroad. His chief of staff says his White House is a miserable place to work, because he’s a fvcking moron as Tillerson said.

Protective measures like Canada’s dairy tariff are common around the world. The U.S. uses tariffs to protect a variety of industries from a 350% tariff on tobacco to more than 160% on shelled peanuts. In other cases, such as sugar, the U.S. has crafted a complex program to protect domestic industry by limiting imports.

Trump is deceitful! What De Niro said.


We, paleface? You are not qualified to judge me. So, don’t flatter yourself. You need at least a high school diploma to even be IN this conversation.


Dude, you started out with the name calling. I’m not into playing anal retentive disorder games. So, if that is the best you can do, I’m going to take the advice of Montecresto1 and ignore you.


I’m the guy that was involved in this before you were a gleam in your daddy’s eyes. Otherwise, you’re a late bloomer and haven’t been IN the discussion that long.


How are there so many comments on the shittiest OP ever created on Freebird?


I thank you profusely!


We have a few people who tend to take a topic and destroy it with their rants as well as changing the topic to their favorite party line.


It no more an imaginary line then the threshold of my open front door .
Come thru uninvited and you will wish you hadn’t !
We are seeing wage growth after thirty years of flat or falling wages because of President Trumps pro business agenda and strict border enforcement !
Mine the border if the wall doesn’t stop drug and human trafficking !
The second amendment insures tyranny will not survive in America !


Breach mine and he won’t be able to wish anything! Maybe his next of kin will wish he hadn’t. Then again, maybe they will be happy to claim the body.


He is truly a law unto himself and is for the first President in my lifetime doing the peoples work !
You are getting wound way to tight here you need to get a grip !
That silly name calling stops for most kids around 11 or 12 or when someone shuts their nasty mouth with a clenched hand .


We did we elected President Trump and he is Making America Great Again !


No need to judge you, everybody can see for themselves the chickenshit you are, you have failed to answer that question from the first time I asked it 3 years ago. You run from it like a scalded dog because it shows your inane claims to be nothing more than your ignorance of actual laws, it shows your beliefs to be afoul of reality.


The militia had the border covered until the anti-immigrant side thought they could be the auxiliary to Home (IN) Security.


You are a lying son of a bitch. Many people came from the board you were on prior to this. I’ve never run from you and I’m offering $1500 to the person who provides me the opportunity to meet you face to face.

WHEN I answered you on other boards, some of your buddy moderators saw fit to let your B.S. stand and delete my posts. So, let’s make sure the posters know - there is already a thread here for you to use to troll me on. You want to accuse me of running from you, you are a liar and delusional.

There isn’t a rock in Hell I wouldn’t flip over to find you and then record it all on YouTube. Take the personal shit to the other thread. Save your lies for someone that will believe them.


Your biggest problem is that a lot of Americans DO invite foreigners in. The reality is, IF you could throw all of them in jail, there wouldn’t be enough Americans left to fit into a Chevy Suburban.

So, you only want certain classes of lawbreakers thrown in jail… probably, by your own logic, you would belong in jail.

But, let us return to reality if but for a brief moment. Here is what is baffling me at the moment:

Donald Trump promised to make America great again. Some people want the laws of Mexico instituted here; the left wants to be like socialist countries. On and on it goes. So, if we want to adopt all these laws from failing socialist countries and third world cesspools, when in the Hell was America “great?” And what socialist law was in place that made us “great?”


LMFAO Are you really going to sit there and claim your response to that question was deleted on other boards? Are you truly so stupid as to believe that?

What rights or liberties have citizens lost due to immigration laws? It’s a simple question with a simple answer. :man_shrugging:


That is how laws work, based on the severity of the crime it will determine the length of time in jail or overall punishment.