Why as we become browner and browner do you think


Don’t make assumptions ! I believe that if a person breaks a law he or she should be held accountable !
All illegal aliens should be deported !
Some people want Mexican immigration laws instituted here because they are more stringent then American immigration laws .
The rest of your post is nonsense
So, if we want to adopt all these laws from failing socialist countries and third world cesspools, when in the Hell was America “great?” And what socialist law was in place that made us “great?”


:laughing::laughing::laughing I very well maybe the guy that put the gleam in your mom’s eyes . :wink::


This country will never be great with people like yourself and your regressive brothers and sisters.


I asked you some questions in another thread. Go back and answer them. Then I’ll entertain your idiocy.

Yes, the last discussion you and I sparred on was the worst violator. You could attack me with impunity and when I gave you the answers, they deleted my posts. And you can pretend they didn’t, but you have no honor and could not be honest at any cost. Son, you and I are done.

Conversation is a two way street. Go back to the thread that is just for you to troll me on. Answer my questions and I’ll be happy to answer yours. Otherwise you are urinating in the wind.


You are the regressive. As proof, IF America were great, what third world countries did we try to be like?

I think America was great at one point. But we didn’t have the immigration policies of Mexico, the gun control of Japan, nor the economic policies of socialist countries.

I can tell you of a time when America was great. Under the objectives you have, there would never have been a great America.


If that were even a possibility, you would be proud, not willing to jump onto the bandwagon of a couple of gay dudes with bad attitudes trying to rile me when they don’t have the cahones to talk that smack in public.

I think that statement says more about your commitment to family than fifty paragraphs of rebuke from me.


You’re the one spewing nonsense because you cannot give a reasonable answer.

BTW, lots of people make the same argument in favor of gun control as you are making. How else do you think you AND Bill Clinton came to the same conclusion?


Your so full of yourself you miss sarcasm when it’s thrown at your face.

You cannot have a civil discussion.

You cannot convey an idea without insults.

Since you like bold, try this bold.

I dumped a good thread as you transformed it into a personal hate thread just like here. Go back there and vent your rage there.


HAte speech and people trying to get it under control. When a person vents and is out of control this is what happens. Resistor completely trashed another topic.


Are you stupid? How many times have I attempted to get the fairies to go back there instead of here?

But, since you started the other thread, let me show you the way a decent person operates:

I didn’t start the bullshit on that other thread, but I kept the insults over there where they belong. I’ve also tried to steer the real trolls back to that thread if they want to interact with me on personality issues.

I am sorry that your other thread got screwed over. I think you just want an echo chamber, so you will excuse me. It’s your thread, I’m outta of it. No need to reply because I won’t bother to access it again. I’ve apologized and exited. If anyone says anything more to me or about me, it will show you the lack of respect they have for you. You know what thread they can come to if they want to say something to me.



So you are still unable to answer the simple question. gotit :+1:

What rights or liberties have citizens lost due to immigration laws?


Post the part that me and Slick Willy coming to argument in favor of anything !


Sounds like YOU are the keyboard bully and you haven’t a clue what I would do in pubic , mine are brass !!! :wink:


Of course that’s subjective as his JAR would suggest, shrug.


Ugh. I can’t believe this thread is still up….

Anybody who supports violence is not accepted on this board. We have to kill 卐 nazis.


Isn’t that supporting violence, or am I missing something?