Why Did CVS Buy Aetna for $69 Billion?


I saw this news earlier and I’m not sure what to make of it. On one hand I can see how the coordination between the pharmacy and medical insurance will drastically be improved. On the other hand, it’s just more monopolization. I read that it was done in response to Amazon buying into the pharmaceutical market. Thoughts?

I know some of you are way more informed about the healthcare debate.


When the drug stores own the doctor’s office, you will no longer receive the best medicine, you will receive the RX that cost the least. If you become a big cost risk, don’t expect your insurance to help you.


Who could blame cvs, when amazon is rev’in up its engine in all fronts. Im an amazon consumer whore, so im part of the problem, unfortunately…


I count myself as part of the problem too. I even do my grocery shopping through Amazon now. I honestly don’t mind Amazon getting into the pharmaceutical market if it means that prices will be cheaper.

I don’t like the idea of a pharmacy buying a healthcare company. If I get my prescriptions filled at CVS well I somehow now get screwed because I have Blue Cross Blue Shield?


Hate to resort to the blame game, but isnt it obama’s care that put most of these insurance companies in distress, and thus susceptible to buy-outs like these?


If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem… stop being part of the problem !:wink:


Thing is, I also use amazon to make money as a hobby, so yes, it is a dog-eats-dog world.


One has to do what one has to do…

She thought so but as we are seeing with democrats… Da Like Dat Fast Muny