Why did Jesus have to suffer and die..?

Most Christians agree that Jesus who was totally innocent, had to pay the price for our sins because any attempt we humans make at trying to be right with God is… as filthy rags and so we needed Jesus to do for us what we could never in a thousand lifetimes do for ourselves.

When I was a child, I didn’t understand why Jesus had to die for us. But life itself taught me why this is necessary. We live in a world where there is nothing but evil: selfishness, greed, materialism, apathy toward others not like ourselves, sexual immorality and etc…

Only the Blood of Jesus can wash all that filth off our soul… and even he can’t do that unless we LET him… and that’s why most people end up in Hell… they won’t let him

where Catholics and some Protestants disagree is this:

Catholics believe that salvation is a process. I believe this more and more every day and NOT so much because I am Catholic and that’s what the Church teaches but bc of what i have learned in life… Just living every day is a teaching thing…

example: you can say you have forgiven… some person who has seroiusly harmed you and you do forgive but then memories return and you have to forgive that person all over again (or hold onto the anger, whichever choice you make)

Jesus said that if you dont forgive you will not be forgiven. So if you have accepted Christ, have lived for him for, say, 20 years, but then someone does something you just “cannot” forgive and you die in this state of unforgiveness… you aren’t going to heaven

and NO, i am NOT saying it is easy for forgive… I of all people would never ever say that… I have had to forgive the most godawful things… but you know… our forgivenes may not have much an affect on the perp… it is God’s forgiveness he or she needs… Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves.

There is no hell. Hell is a mistranslation of one of several concepts. Jesus is the savior of all mankind, the entire world. All His creation will be reconciled to Him, without exception. Jesus defeated death.

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I think you should step back a moment to see the big picture of what God is about.

Perhaps have a personal chat with Him, one on one, shedding all of the dogma.

I think you may take things too literally? A forgiving heart is completely different than someone who has done you such an injustice that you are hurting over it. God is not asking for doormats, you know :wink:

Same with your concept of hell. When I stray too far, I wind up going through hell in real life. Then, I get back on track.

I completely reject the concept of hell being a final destination.

^^^This times 10. Well said, David!

Why did he suffer and die? You never want to be a smart ass in front of a Roman. Funny for a guy who cud do magic. he could not save himself… Sure drive that nail thru my arm…hahahhah cant do it can you boy?!
As for him dying for all our sins…one that was added fiction later added on. Now if he died for all our sins Dont we all go to heaven no matter how much sin we have ? God is a fun thought like santa…and as real.

that’s a lie from Satan. The whole Bible refutes this…

then you reject Jesus. Jesus spoke often on “eternal punishment” (Mt 25:31, e tc)

well, you have shown the world how misguided you are.

If you can look around at all the evil in the world… baby killing in the w omb, sex traffickers… serial killers, school shooters… and think that there will never be justice for all that evil… no punishment for all that destructiveness… then you don’t know anything about (or care about?) justice apparnetly

Jesus also had to know how humans feel… what it is like to be a human being. God came to Earth so he would REALLY know… You know the saying You don’t know a person until you have walked a mile in his shoes

No, I don’t reject Jesus. I reject the concept of hell being a final destination.

Back in the day there were MANY prophets out wandering around each claiming to be the one…NOW go down town and you will find at least 3 people dressed in a sheet who will tell you they are god.

Jesus’s name was not jesus, nr was his last name christ…Funny at his birth WISE MEN came to say he was special…then we have nothing on jz till he was 30 “WOW I hear you kid is god”…Yeah omar you can pick up that big rock but i have wise men and am the son of god…so pound sand !

Go look up Constantine and see how ROME took over subverted Christianity making it work for them .
render onto Caesar what is Cesar who the fuck was Cesar ? An invader give him what ?!

So curious, what do you think happens after someone dies? Do (or did) you read the “Bible”?

There are certain books that have been omitted from he Bible. The books that are in the Bible often have grey areas; and even theologians struggle for answers. The reason blind faith often enters the equation. I personally believe there is more to life than mortal living. Your mortal body hauls you around for whatever time you have; but the energy remains after death; and exactly where it goes is a bit mysterious.

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There is/ was a process called “canonization” if a book did not fit the requirements then it was omitted from the full text “the Bible”. Scripture should explain itself with other scripture, as part of the process for being in the full text. The reason for the struggle is the lack of the Holy Spirit leading. One issue is if people don’t have faith in the Bible and what it says then unless they experience Jesus it is really a mute point!

Hi tegg,

I noticed you just joined the forum? There is a great new member thread where you can introduce yourself and tell people a little bit about yourself. I’ve found the folks here very warm and welcoming. I am a relative newbie here myself.

As far as what happens after someone dies? I believe in some way our spirit lives on to grow and develop until at some point we have a choice to remain with God. Young soul vs. old soul. Lessons not learned will be presented over and over until learned.

What I absolutely reject is the concept of hell for eternity. To me, people live in moments of hell while on earth.

Romans 8:38-39 New International Version (NIV)

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Jesus said “eternal punishment” (Mt 25:31 and etc)

It is hard for us humans to grasp the idea of someone suffering forever… esp people we love. But as one person explained (not sure who this was)… it is an “eternal now” kind of thing…

you know… you hate Jesus in the now… and if you die in that condition, your hatred is eternally there… with you… tormenting you…

I don’t profess to know everything about God and his Justice and etc… But I do “know” that He is just. If he is not just, he is not God… There is no God w ithout Justice… perfect justice. And of course we look around at the world and we see INJUSTICE… ubiquitous injustice… good people suffer while evil ones seem happy and well fed and etc… and i could go on and on… children starving in Africa and other places… much evil… If there is no justic some day… well, the thought that there is no justice some day does not make sense

well, i would expect such comments from someone who has never been in Christ’s actual, tangible Presence, as we Catholics have been (Jesus is in the Church tangibly 24/7-- Transubstantiation). I pray you experience what I have experienced. I feel sorry for people who have not.

I have read the Bible. But the most awesome times of my life where when I was actually WITH Jesus in the Catholic Church, in what is called the Real Presence (a result of Transubstantiation: Jn 6, 1 Cor 11:23, Mt 28:20…). You have to be there over 1/2 an hour to notice… certain things… the condition of your mind and heart and soul… Jesus shows us so much… A good priest told me about the Real Presence yrs ago. Thank God I was in his Church at the time bc most priests do NOT share this info with the parishioners! :angry:

I tell people about this because I care about them. Not many listen but i will just keep going on telling them just the same… :slight_smile:

THEN you are engaging in cannibalism. The Roman Constantine is your Catholic church he made it to serve Rome. And in rome buggering boys was the norm as it is by priests now .