Why do pastors never talk about the scary psgs in the Bible?

used 2b you could always count on a fire and brimstone sermon at GoodBook Baptist down the street but I don’t know about that these days…

for one, I haven’t been in a Baptist “church” in a long time. But if I knew I could hear one of those a4mentioned sermons, I would love to attend.

But I am Catholic… might not be welcome there… might not make my priest too happy… esp the part about hellfire and brimstone since most priests don’t seem to believe in that anymore.

but this lack of “appreciation” for the teaching of hell is why so many end up in Hell… they hear all this “fluff” at church (the stuff about all you have 2 do is believe…etc) and think they are doing OK when they are not…

Jesus said even many believers would not make it

This following is in the bk of Mt, i believe… At the end, people will say to Jesus: We did mighty deeds in your name

and he will say to them “Depart from me, you evildoers, I never knew you”

my take is they did mighty deeds for him sometimes, and other times… did whatever the heck they wanted…

Once again; I hold by the basic teachings of Christ ( and the Buddha ). Do no harm in My Name. Go and try to sin no more. That alone is a hard road to follow through life. I feel I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m good to go. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the record; it’s not, Thou shall not kill; it’s, thou shall not commit murder. Gotta watch them thar translations.

that’s one reason to be Catholic: The ancient Church (2018 yrs old or thereabouts) already had things figured out a long time ago… the translation of the Word

we don’t have to re-invent the wheel

but then Luther c ame along, didn’t like the difficulties of monastic life and threw all the rules out the window… said you could commit adultery 20 times a day and still be saved!


and now we have 60,000 or so denoms all making up their own rules, inventing the wheel all over again… only most of those wheels ain rollin too well