Why Is The TPP The Most Important Decision of This Decade?


Why Is The TPP The Most Important Decision of This Decade?

The Trans Pacific Partnership would be the largest single free trade deal ever made if all nations approve it. The significance is not only about trade however, in fact, trade is only part of what makes the TPP important.

The TPP will involve the United States in close relationships with 11 other nations. This will strengthen our influence in the region, show our commitment to our allies, and in return build strong economic connections between our nations.

By pulling out of the TPP the United States will leave a huge void. That void will be happily filled by China and Russia (who are NOT in the TPP) who are just waiting to expand their own influence and control in the region and to do so at the expense of the United States makes it even sweeter for them.

We know influence once lost could take 100 years to recover. Leaving TPP essentially just ā€˜hands overā€™ all our work and progress in the region since the end of WWII. Hands it over for nothing.

Leaving the TPP tells our allies the United States cannot be counted on to maintain consistent policies making our allies unsure if they can depend on the United States in any agreement.

We fear China and Russia expanding influence and our allies in the Pacific Rim want to get more sticky with the United States. But by walking away we leave these allies alone, not only is this bad for them and the region it is bad for us and for history.

Trade deals are not only about jobs. They are also about influence and national security.

We cannot promise to have influence in all nations if we do this deal. But we can promise we will have no influence if we are not even in the room when these discussions take place.


The TPP has 5544 pages. A real free trade agreement would just be one page.

Also, if TPP were so great then why is Apple now considering building iPhones in USA? Killing TPP will bring jobs and industry back to the United States. Killing TPP saves the US $100B & 448,000 jobs (see paragraph 5 in HuffPo article).



Japan has already come out and said that the TPP would be meaningless without the United States. By Trump killing TPP on the first day of his presidency we are telling the world that the United States sets the terms and conditions on global trade - not the other way around.

If this were the wrong move the market would be tanking. Itā€™s not.


I donā€™t even know what to say ā€¦


you might want to read about who is stepping in to fill this void.

some insignificant nation called CHINA.

they are making their own deal and some of these nations will JOIN THEM.

my god we donā€™t live in a vacuum!



Itā€™s alright Steveā€¦ when we finally homogenize our population in to one be pile of ā€˜who gives a s*itā€™ then maybe, China, or Japan, or Korea or Iran or Saudi Arabia will let us move their as economic migrants to fuck up their economyā€¦ I doubt itā€¦But if they do, I bet you will start over as second or third class citizensā€¦ Just the nature of the beast my moon eyed friendā€¦


I have to say your writing style is better than your argument!


No argument at allā€¦ I have been to these countryā€™sā€¦ they closely guard their culturesā€¦ Japan and Korea are the two most homogeneous cultures in the worldā€¦ and yes, they stand in some doorways and tell you that you are not welcomeā€¦ If you think your Syrian ancestry will get you farā€¦ you just better watch which had you used to wipe your butt and just what gestures you use to prayā€¦ it could cost you your head at worse or just make you a bet of cultural scum like everyone else in the westā€¦


I am well aware of cultural differences and we should know them and respect them. acknowledging ones culture or anothers culture does nothing to diminish either in fact it broadens both teaching understand to even more people than before.

I guess I just do not fear inclusion I welcome it because I see the more people who understand each other to more people will understand each other.

And that cannot take place living behind separate walled off communities or countries.


Travel moreā€¦ I love dim sumsā€¦ but I just canā€™t seem to find a place in the US that makes them worth a damnā€¦ and really have you ever been into an English pub anywhere in the world quite like Englandā€¦ I doubt it. We learn, we respect but we give cultures space to beā€¦ homogeneity kills culture, kills a sense of togethernessā€¦ and a sense of belongingā€¦ But of course that is the need an purpose of one world governanceā€¦ to destroy cultural bindsā€¦ to make everyone, no one.

By the wayā€¦ Happy Thanksgiving.(if you donā€™t acknowledge it a negative celebration)ā€¦ I will have a small dinner here to remember it but they donā€™t have fixings for dressing worth a damnā€¦ what are you going to doā€¦ these cultural divides should be slainā€¦ Turkey and dressing for allā€¦ and for our Arab friendsā€¦ Hamā€¦


no, we are not looking to change an English Pub or a Vietnamese Street Market.

our goal is to respect everyone for who they are.

because that is not being done now.

and its not acceptable.


and the more people we can get to experience an English Pub the more people will realize aside from being drunks you guys are not that bad!

and the more we can experience what it is like in Tehran with a normal family we will realize they really donā€™t have tails. they are just like us with the same hopes and dreams. good lives for their children.

that is a positive thing for the world.


I know they donā€™t have tailsā€¦ I know that they, like people in so many countries that I have visited, lived in and worked in just want to take care of their familyā€¦ It is up to them to design the cultural world that they want to live itā€¦ it is not up to you to destroy itā€¦ it is not up to you to invade it and it is not up to you to force it on meā€¦ If I want to experience Iran and governments would get out of the way for more that a legal structure to protect people in their chosen environmentsā€¦ I might go their. But the indoctrination precipitated by governments andā€¦ ideologies like yours, could very well see me pelted in the streetā€¦ just because I wore the wrong hatā€¦


Well, if youā€™re a Yankees fan then I could understand that fear.

But I actually believe my way reduces the chance for attacks because all of this would become normal.

The reason it is responded to in such ways now is ignorance. Even the most educated can be ignorant to norms and cultures. And the more we educate about norms and cultures and STOP DEMONIZING THEM like we see right HERE and everywhereā€¦once we stop demonizing them and learning about them the ignorance will go away.

Hate will always exist but with knowledge and inclusion comes management.

This will actually reduce such attacks by making them less socially acceptable, even desirable in some places.