Why Mueller Is REALLY Indicting Flynn


This guy is sometimes rather far out their and has a strong left bent but some of his stuff is credible and is good for a thought… As much is I dislike the current leadership of Turkey, they have been after US protected Fethullah Gulen since 2000 and Flynn has been an advocate for his extradition…



I think Mueller knows he will never find anything on Trump. As for Flynn, I think the Deep State has a personal vendetta against him. I have a feeling Flynn caused them much grief, especially during the election.


That’s hilarious, lots of thinking. Flynn broke the law, huh. And Gulen was supporting the overthrow of the Turkish government! He should be extradited. Flynn’s lawyers quit talking to Trumps lawyers because they no longer have the same interests. :joy:


Whether or not Flynn broke the law remains to be seen. He has not been tried and convicted of anything. Why is this simple fact lost on so many Americans?

It’s the basic underlying principle of our legal system.


No it doesn’t. He failed to register as a lobbyist for Turkey. But that’s probably the lesser of his fouls. To the rest of your point, HRC hasn’t been convicted (except on this board) of Uranium One wrong doing either. Stop being hypocritical.


Has he been convicted and sentenced?

Stop engaging in such blatant partisanship.


Mueller’s working on that. You understand that once the investigation began he retroactively registered, right?


So funny… we here that those who cross our boarder without permission, if anything only committed a misdemeanor and we are hearing that this violation is frequent and hardly ever prosecuted… except of course when that is all you got and you are looking for anything to make your case.

:rofl: Hillary hasn’t been investigated by anyone who 1) didn’t have a political interest in her ascendancy or 2) wasn’t knee deep in the muck they were ‘protecting’ her from…


It would seem that several others have as well… CYA is well underway…


What’s partisan about what I’ve said. Flynn was required by law to register as a foreign agent and failed to do so, that’s known fact, even by you.


:laughing: So Stevie John is a law and order guy now ! :laughing::laughing::laughing: I wonder did the Clinton’s break the LAW ??? :laughing::laughing: quack ,quack …


You have no idea what you are talking about.

Fethulla Gulen is a terrorist that was brought in by Bill Clinton and when Obama was funding what is now ISIS, General Michael Flynn blew the whistle. This is why we must investigate the D.O.J. and our 2 major intelligence agencies.


Even the LA Times is questioning how valid Mueller’s investigation is and is stating that if he thinks your guilty he will run the witch hunt until he finds something even if it doesn’t apply to the original investigation.


No need to get ugly.


The Turkish government has accused him of participation in the 2015 failed coup attempt. Flynn and son are under investigation for several things, including allegedly conspiring with the Turkish government to kidnap Gulen and return him to Turkey for 15 million.


But, but, but, is the LA Times now a credible source for you. :joy::joy::joy:


Attacking sources now because we don’t like what the source has to say? How very non-partisan of you.


Wtf??? I’m not attacking the LAT, just amused to see the alt right quote a “ liberal rag” to make a point.


I’m impressed that a liberal rag is actually making a point. That’s their job isn’t it? Instead of being political evangelists for the left, they’re supposed to be objective and report facts. Do you deny this?


Not at all, I’m only laughing at the selectivity of what is considered “fact” from the LAT by you. Apparently when they print what you like it’s fact. Reminds me of the TIC.


So now we have a conscience over rendition? He’s being protected so you hire some willing people to … unprotect him…