Why Mueller Is REALLY Indicting Flynn


No such selectivity… I will point out news where ever it resides and the LATimes is most certainly not on the same game field with the NYTimes and Washpo… although sometimes they do collaborate… They were the only mainstream rages to poll relatively close to Trumps victory…


I think the overall point (and I read the LAT daily for 35 years) is that an unabashedly liberal newspaper is now questioning the fairness of Mueller and his investigation.

Mueller knows he has friends on the left that will rush to his defense and excuse anything he does, just as he knows the right will hammer him any chance they get.

That said, he should have known better than to hire only Dems. in matters that touch on his old pal Jim Comey, and by extension Loretta Lynch et. al. Perhaps those D. lawyers are impartial, but that’s not how it looks.


My overall point is with the nasty names I’ve seen the LAT called here, it’s funny to see them quoted authoritatively but obviously because they said something that the alt right likes. :wink:


You don’t get it… they, on occasion, actually get their facts to align with reality. It’s the content man… the content. You don’t like Breitbart but the fact is, you never attack the information that they present… YOU only attack the name because it just doesn’t align with your leftist world view. I don’t mind people putting down right leaning sources as long as they attack the material in the story. Washpo and NYTimes are so bias that they MANY times twist the facts to suit their narrative… that is bad journalism and they earn their names by printing repetitive fantasies as fact when they should have appeared on the op-ed page…


He acknowledged that he failed to register as a foreign agent and report 530K that he received from Turkey!!! It’s not clear at this point whether that’s going to be what Mueller hangs him on or other matters like the alleged deal he had with Turkey to kidnap an exiled cleric in New Jersey and return him to Turkey for 15 million. Or whether he turns evidence on bigger fish in the Trump administration in a plea bargain. We know that his attorneys are no longer talking with Trumps attorneys. Somebody’s got somebody by the short hairs.



This board isn’t concerned with rooting out all corruption in Washington, but just that which can be found with those on the left. Participating on another board who’s participants are primarily lefties, I get called a right winger for pointing out discrepancies, hypocrisy and lies by politicians on the left. Take the objective view and you have few friends, it comes with the territory. Anybody can be a partisan.


I think you are wrong and no doubt this is why you and I have… friction and why you refuse to engage with me. The corruption exists… I would like to define it as the establishment. Flynn and Page are not a creation of Trump… somewhere along the line they were recommended to him… this is certainly that case with Manafort. It is entirely possible that many corrupt people exist within his administration. Not all of them will be corrupt within the realm of Russia/Trump collusion but they will be working for interests that are not necessarily in the best interest of the American people.

To me you are no different that someone on the left… because your politics point in that direction. From what we can glen from your post, I would say that you are no less a big government socialist than Bernie and in that only see our foreign intervention as being a diversion of funds away from your pet socialist project. The thing is, I don’t disagree with a society taking care of its most vulnerable… but I do have a huge problem when those programs create a society of vulnerable people. The left… you… don’t like engaging those issues. So while you my like to talk about corruption on both sides, I don’t think you want to talk about all the ways in which government corrupts a society.

As far as what goes on with Mueller and Trump… we will see but you have said yourself on many occasions that your focus isn’t on what happened in the last administration but what is happening now… NOW is a reflection of all things that came before it. The fact that you disrespect the president so much shows something about you. The fact is, if you take away the Tweets and the distractions, Trump has actually done nothing wrong… In fact, he may prove to be the first modern ‘independent’ president this country has had. The US has a lot of problems and addressing them, regardless of how you pursue it, is going to piss someone off… The only person that is actually going to ‘fix’ anything is one who doesn’t listen to the noise and goes about doing what he things is right.

Trump has actually created dialogue where none was allowed before him. He is said to be emboldening the white supremacist right… I would say that if a black panther or black Muslim can stand on a soapbox in the public square and proclaim the right for a racially pure black existence, then too should a white or and Chinese or an native Mexican. Do you disagree? I mean, if we hold to the doctrine that the left is prescribing, whites in the 1960’s most certainly could have muzzled Martin Luther King…

What you take as partisan is someone who is tired of not being engaged… on social policy, on culture, on the economy or on our endless wars in the name of spreading democracy… Engage and we will have some discussions… keep doing what you are isolating yourself… you want to point the finger at the people on this board and they are pointing it right back at you… and from your comment above, it would seem that the same thing is happening on left leaning boards… perhaps the person with the communications problem is yourself…


This board is made up of people who post their opinions. It’s not some hive mind of people who can’t pick a fucking side.


Oh I’ve never made such an argument. It’s very clear which side the majority of this board has picked and patronizes, shrug.


What ‘Side’ would that be?.. Could you flush that out for ‘Us’? I think that what @JustDifferent was eluding to is that you seem to have no particular concrete position or values that you hang your ‘debate’ on… apparently people on those left leaning sides find you to be a bit wishy washy too…


This was posted elsewhere by @supperhey but I think I puts forward, from the perspective of a black man, what I think about the issues of the day. He also believes like I do, that the left, and people like you, will not engage these issues because you can’t. Anyone who argues against these issues becomes an enemy of the left and I would say that you occupy that space on the subject addressed in this video… While you might blame my anger at people like you, you use that as an excuse… a crutch not to engage… Spend some time with the video…


On topic. So Flynn has been indicted. In a plea deal with Mueller, Flynn has plead guilty to lying to the FBI. (A maximum 5 year prison term, 6 months or nothing depending on how well he cooperates now with Mueller) presumably other charges that could be filed won’t be as he cooperates. He in fact did discuss the lifting of sanctions on Russia with Kislyak. Going forward he will not be allowed to have his attorney present during testimony and he won’t be allowed to plead the fifth. What Mueller is after next is testimony from Flynn that would indicate that his discussions about sanctions with Kislyak were based upon Russia helping the Trump campaign to defeat HRC ( like “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you release the 33K emails”) and who directed him to engage in such negotiations with the Russians. Obviously up the ladder is Mueller’s focus, Bannon, Priebus, Jr. Kushner, maybe the TIC himself.


Law and order guy and most importantly an expert in law and what the special prosecutors are doing. No links attached to anything he posts as fact so he must be on staff and the source of leaks which must be most rewarding for stevie/john.

A paid shill.


The Justice Department looked into the contributions and employment histories of all of Mueller’s hires and determined them consistent with the rules of professional responsibility.



Which members of the justice department?.. those who staff the agency that turned racial unity in America on its head during Obama… or its leader who should have recused himself as well?


It would appear that Trump needs all the help he can get… as has been said many times… 'Their are sleeper cells living and working within the federal government… and they care little about democracy… or the people… but they care everything about their own jobs and agenda.

Among federal law enforcement officials, there is great concern that exposure of the texts they exchanged may be used by the president and his defenders to attack the credibility of the Mueller probe, and the FBI more broadly, according to the people familiar with the matter.

My take on this is less about Mueller running a tight, unbiased ship than it is about letting a loose cannon undermine his ‘unbiased investigation’…

The people briefed on the case said the transfer followed the discovery of text messages in which Mr. Strzok and a colleague reacted to news events, like presidential debates, in ways that could appear critical of Mr. Trump.

This guy and countless others were plotting against Trump even before he was elected…


Or lying to the FBI ?


Trumps justice department populated by Obama progressives.


Legal extortion Flynn was looking at 60 years in jail and going bankrupt defending himself against a corrupt establishment prosecutor with no budget ! Travesty after a life time of putting our nation first his safety second to be put on his knees by a lawyer a hired gun of the establishment . Sad so sad for all who have served to see a brave man put down by the resistance !