Why Mueller Is REALLY Indicting Flynn


Well Julian Assagne is certainly an authority.


Wow. Whatever his service record may be, it’s irrelevant to what he did as a private citizen. Why would you excuse felonious behavior now because you think he was a good soldier then?


Bet he has more information and contacts than you do… He certainly showed the NSA’s backside to the American people but of course surveillance reauthorization will be a relative slam dunk… except for the resistance by people who really would like to see reigns put on the NSA, CIA, FBI etc…etc…etc…


Well… at least for him it wasn’t just a paycheck… :roll_eyes:


There was no intent to lie with Flynn’s conversations so obviously no crime.

Just ask Comey, he’s an expert from the FBI.


I am going out on a limb and say you never served ?
Legal extortion make no mistake if General Flynn had the wherewithal to fight this travesty of a Clinton , Bush , Romney or Kennedy this would have a much different ending !
He did a lot less then Hillary Clinton or the Podesta group did !


Yes, you’d be out on a limb, let me cut it off. My father was army WW2, I was army Carter admi. My son was army Bush/Obama. But no amount of good conduct service by either three of us then would excuse felonious behavior today. So you’re bringing Flynn’s military service into this is moot.


Serving was just another job to John. A job without meaning.


The Logan act this all came about because of the Logan act a law NEVER prosecuted !

You see nothing wrong with a investigation based on a document paid for by everyone but President Trump as a basses for this witch hunt .
The fact that General Flynn wrote a report that criticized American operations U.S. forces in Afghanistan, a move that rankled supervisors and Barack Hussein Obama .
You see nothing wrong with the government of the United States bankrupting a American citizen to get a plea of lying to the FBI .


The Logan Act is still law and Flynn did violate it but you really have little to worry about with Flynn. He’s not being charged with that or failure to register with State as a foreign agency or failure to report earnings which is a crime, including tax evasion, or for conspiring to kidnap a cleric in the US and deliver him to Turkey. Mueller is looking up the ladder. The more Flynn cooperates, the easier it will be on him.

And Obama has nothing to do with this.


This episode with Flynn is a leftests wet dream. One huge pile of horse shit for the insiders to wallow in.

Small minds keep busy with this type of bull crap.


I thought it was the alt right that wanted the swamp drained.


This is all about Barack Hussein Obama and a general who dared to criticize Barack Hussein Obama’s administration !
This witch hunt is an attempt to slow down the unmasking of the corruption in his administration !


No it’s not. And generals have a right to criticize the CIC and have done so periodically throughout various administrations. They do tend to get fired if they do so while serving the CIC but it’s completely normal. Flynn however has committed a few crimes since his involvement with Obama and that’s what’s got him in the hot seat.