Why you can't trust just any "history" account


The above is a site where you can get a book I have read on Luther (The Facts About Luther)

Problem is, the account of Martin Luther’s death in that book is not the same account I have read on the internet

Or maybe there is not a terrible discrepancy…? I don’t know… but In the book O’Hare says that Luther started feeling bad at a dinner or some social gathering. I guess he could have been in the beginning stages of dying while at that gathering… but in any case, it sounds like there are 2 somewhat differing accounts of Martin Luther’s death, his last moments on Earth bc the internet account is that he went to his brother’s place & died soon after. He had a lot of health issues, to be sure (angina, etc)

anyway… that is a very interesting book, and quotes Luther’s own words… which are heretical beyond belief (once saved always saved which doctrine originated with him… [a mere human being])

I do know one thing about the history: people who followed him have embellished Luther’s history for their own purposes… (shocking, i know)