Wife Defends Home and WWII Veteran Husband With .357 Magnum


This is a great story of an honest law-abiding citizen protecting her home and her family with a firearm. If that menace Dianne Feinstein and people of her ilk had their way, Mrs. Cooper would have been left with no options other than begging the dispatcher to send help. Of course, if a police officer had happened to have been parked in front of her house, then perhaps they might be saved, but in the real world, that is very unlikely to be the case.

Of course, there is no way of knowing what the drug addict breaking in would have done had Mrs. Cooper not exercised her 2nd Amendment rights, but there are certainly a lot of examples of home invasion crimes that ended very badly for the victims.

What would the anti-gun fanatics do if they found themselves face-to-face with a hardened criminal in the middle of the night? Beg for them not to slit their throats, rape their children etc?