Will These Unregistered Foreign Agents Be Indicted?


Labor volunteers have been caught on hidden cameras bragging about using Australian taxpayer funds to work on a US presidential campaign and interfering with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign signs.

In a video posted online by the conservative undercover campaign group Project Veritas Action, four Australians are recorded saying they received taxpayer funds for flights, accommodation and daily expenses while organising for Democratic senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, a possible breach of US election law.


Would you just look at that. We have more foreign collusion tied to Democrats. This is one giant Australian conspiracy to control our government. We can’t have Australians meddling in the US election. This is an outrage.


And lets not forget our favorite foreign agent of the 2016 election


No outrage that Russia meddled because that was to the TIC’s benefit. Aussies meddling to harm the TIC, outrage I tell you.


There is no proof that the Trump campaign directly orchestrated anything. There is proof that the Clinton and Sanders campaign did. There’s the difference.


The dems hate it when other groups steal elections better than they do.


Actually this thread was a tribute to hypocrisy… You want to make a deal out of Russia interfering in the US election… Fair enough. We have yet to establish that it was Russians that were the people who ‘lifted’ the material from the DNC server. We certainly have seen no ‘collusion’… no quid pro quo… Obama spent three times as much interfering in Israels election than Russians did in advertising and part of that advertising actually encouraged Moore to stand in front of a excited group of Anti Trump idiots… If you are going to continue to spout off, at least tell the truth.


Why are you trying to shift back to Trump? Your guy got caught. Own it.


No shifting back, the Trump sphere has been under investigation all along. Again none of you have referred to Russian meddling as an outrage, and I get that, it was to your guys benefit. But Australian meddling is quite the outrage because it was against your guy. The tribute to hypocrisy.


BS… the lack of outrage that you are exasperated about is rested in the fact that Russia has never stopped meddling in our elections… The communist parties in various countries were directly connected to the central committee in Moscow. Our institutions have been subverted by the Russians for some 7 decades… you are a product of their interference whether you care to admit it or not. Nothing has changed in Russia’s aspirations just because the USSR collapsed… Nothing has changed in the efforts of the USA Communist party… Russian interference is the norm. What you are going to fine, if we get any real reconning of events in this past election is that the lefts ties to Russia are far deeper than anything you could imagine and you, are being played like a fiddle… you bought the divide and conquer narrative posed in this election by the Russians and you have already bought the socialist Utopia presented over many, many years…


Nobody should be stealing elections. The US has a long history of sabotaging foreign elections and much much worse, regime change when that doesn’t work.


The Mueller team hasn’t presented any, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.


Quit changing the subject… Its outrage against those who support Trump !!! stay on message. If you dilute it by saying that we do it then it becomes a so what moment. You can’t have that, now can you? The left has already diminished the major attacks on the US by comparing it with Pearl Harbor or 9/11…


Doesn’t mean that their is any either… but that doesn’t keep folks such as yourself from harping on about ‘What TRUMP DID’…


This is what happens when they get caught red handed. Panic and knee-jerk reactions to desperately change the subject when changing the subject is completely impossible.


I voted for Gary Johnson, what would you like me to own?


If there’s election meddling that you think needs to be investigated then tell Sessions. But creating thread after thread in knee jerk reactions to distract from the Special Councils investigation into the Trump campaign for collusion, obstruction of justice and money laundering isn’t going away.


Maybe you haven’t seen the video. Maybe you should watch it before you continue posting about this.


I saw it, it was posted earlier. If Sessions believes that this is “evidence” of Australian government meddling into our elections, then he ought to appoint a special council to investigate/prosecute it. But it’s not going to disguise the Mueller investigation.


Our democracy can’t suffer anymore from Australian collusion. Sanders must be held accountable for this and be impeached. Democrats must disavow.