Will Trump Receive a Pardon?


Nixon did.

I may not be the first person here to ask this, but a lot has happened over the last 388 days. Hell, a lot has happened in the last 8 hours.

Assume that the Special Counsel ends Trump’s presidency. Maybe Trump fires Mueller, maybe not. The probe survives, and turns up enough credible evidence to compel congress to impeach. Maybe Trump resigns, maybe he makes them go through the process and vote. Trump is impeached.

Who ascends? Does Pence survive, or (like Agnew before him) is Pence gone too? Does this all happen before the midterms, or is a Dem next in succession when impeachment occurs?

Which member of the political class has to decide whether to uphold the gentlemen’s agreement that the powerful can only be permitted to fall so far? Who tries to force a straight face while telling us all that pardoning Trump is the only way for the country to “heal?”


Trump will not be impeached. Anyone who believes otherwise is living in a fantasy world.


That’s a rather reaching assumption. Thus far Mueller has been doing a lot of fishing, but has no keepers yet. Manafort is nervously chuckling at the thought of being pardoned by Trump- same with Flynn. The odds of those events actually happening increased dramatically when Mueller used a proxy (southern dist. of NY) to take his attorney’s records, including privileged communications - on a flimsy premise that they might find the attorney had paid women to keep quiet.

Unlikely, very unlikely. But let’splay out your ShareBlue fantasy- the Dems regain control of the house, and start impeachment, after Mueller brings charges (that he sat on until after the midterms). There would be a lotf questions about how the ‘evidence’ was obtained. Do you think a GOP led Senate would vote to impeach on tainted evidence?

Pence is clean- you may not like him, but he’s a choir boy next to a whole host of Democrats. The rest is pretty much moot, again, because Pence is clean.
Oh, and if Trump is impeached, you better hope the Dems regain control of at least one house- because revenge will be swift, starting with SCOTUS replacements.


I would certainly hope not. IMO it would take a person with some real big cajones to pardon DT. Also IMO, Nixon looks like an angel compared to DT as far as a threat to our Constitution and our democracy.


Troll alert!!! Troll alert!!!


Pence does not appear to be particularly bright, but he’s not stupid and he’s very ambitious. If Trump resigns, Pence will look at what happened to Ford and will carefully calculate whether or not a pardon would hurt him politically. The one certainty with Pence: the best interest of the nation would not be a factor in his decision.


And you know this…how?


President Trump will not be impeached because there isn’t and never was any evidence of collusion . Heinrich Mueller Himmler knows this and is desperately trying to find the remotest evidence on President Trump .
Those TRAITORS in the DOJ and FBI like Lois Lerner, Susan Rice MCCABE and others should feel the wrath of Mueller. and if possible,bring HRC to the JUSTICE she deserves .


I’d keep tabs on Trump’s approval ratings among republicans for determining whether Pence would pardon him. If Trump’s are high even after resignation/impeachment, Pence would very likely pardon.

I think the more interesting situation is if/when Trump loses the 2020 election. Does Trump resign early so that Pence can pardon him before their term expires? If Trump is still popular among Republicans I could see that as a way for Pence to gain credit in the base’s eyes for a 2024 run.


:rofl: Do you know something that Special Counsel Mueller doesn’t? :rofl:


I’ve asked this plenty of times before but I will keep asking. Other than the platitudes you guys serve up over the mean, hateful, lying threat to our constitution that Trump is suppose to be… do you actually have any facts to back up those comments… Seems to me that Nixon actually committed a crime and if we pull back the covers, we might find that Clinton could similarly be charged… No, Trumps only crime thus far was being elected and while you might point at a few little bots and data and ad research Trumps campaign might have done was done in spades by the previous president… Perhaps he too was elected illegitimately… the drum beat is growing louder to find out just what the Messiah was up to for the last 8 years and that might prove to make Nixon look like an angel…


The bigger question is… Does Mueller know something he shouldn’t gained by means that were both illegal and unethical?


If during the course of an investigation a prosecutor uncovers crime then they are obligated to follow through as part of the investigation and prosecute. Did you complain when Whitewater lead to Lewinsky?


I did… Ken Starr was well outside his mandate as is the special council. Where I took exception is where the president was deposed and lied and equivocated… He could have took the 5th… he could have even told the prosecutor that it was non of his damn business but the fact is, he lied under oath… and for some 2 decades the left has given him political cover over something than all of a sudden is morally representable for this president to have done on his own time and at a time the Bill Clintion was still being let off the hook for having sex with an intern in the oval office… and it doesn’t matter whether she ‘wanted it or not’… it was an inappropriate use of power. Funny enough the left will argue for the legalization of prostitution when it serves them but finds a clients use of them morally reprehensible … Strange values.


But of course the question is… was the warrant that started this anal probe based on actual verified criminal activity… Eventually we will see that answered and I can guarantee that were you in a similar place, you would scream bloody murder that your rights had been violated.


I’d have to add that even as stupid as the liberals appear be, we can all agree that before Trump can be pardoned he must first have to be convicted of something?



What has happened is an undying systematic illegal attempt to undo an election that filthy swamp scum never thought would have the result it did !
We have seen the dismantling of our Bill of Rights , an weaponization of the FBI , illegal spying , wiretaps , FISA applications , payments made by the DNC , and the FBI to foreigners to sabotage an election !


Everyone except butthurt libs can see there is no evidence of anything.