WINNING! Mexican Who Had Been in the US Illegally for 30 Years Deported on MLK Day


It doesn’t really matter when he was brought here. He was sent back to his home country where he should have been sent a long time ago. Previous administrations should have enforced the law and they didn’t. The law is getting enforced now. If he wasn’t a criminal he should have reported himself to authorities and followed the law.


And how does that speak to my question?


Thats it… by his age and time-line, his parent flaunted the 1986 amnesty … they should have been sent home years ago…


Oh I didn’t realize you expected answers to your questions now. You never seem to answer anyone else’s. Anyway, I posted my thoughts on your post. I’ll leave it to @Bryan to answer your question if he chooses to. He was the one who posted a picture of Kate Steinle.


But your comments have literally nothing to do with my post, yet you quoted me, shrug. And I answer everybody that asks me questions, IF…they are civil posters.


Been here 30 years and still dont want to get the papers. Procrastination gets us all. They are welcome to canada tho, oh wait


He stole a very good paying job from a citizen of the USA ! Justice served .


Guys from the human side of things this is a sad story. It was also completely avoidable. This man had time to get right with the law and for reasons none of us will never know he chose not to. For every sad story there are ten sadder ones. This isn’t on Trump. It’s on this man and it’s on all of the politicians who made very bad decision for too many years.


I hope some people especially Monte believe being here 30 yrs illegally is TOO LONG!!!


I just don’t get twisted off about this like y’all do. There’s much bigger threats to America, IMO.


He had 28 friggin YEARS to become a citizen. If you can’t figure this out…


That has nothing to do with the question I asked Bryan


It does. If the illegal that violated our borders was dealt with properly, Kate Steinle would not be dead. Yes, I know the guy just deported wasn’t a psycho but that’s not the point. Either we are a nation with laws that are enforced, or else we aren’t and we live with a “mob rules” mentality. How do we know which illegals are psycho and which aren’t? So, again I state this guy had 30 years to become legal and he should have done so.


Such disrespect. The ‘slain woman’ had a name. Her name was Kate Steinle and she was murdered by an illegal alien felon who should not have been in this country.

When I see this man getting deported and hugging his family good bye, I’m reminded that Kate Steinle will never again get to hug a member of her family.

That’s why I posted her picture. Does seeing a picture of Kate Steinle trigger you? If so, I really don’t care.


Well… their you will have to define the word ‘civil’. For myself and several others on here you are not a civil poster. But even with several people telling you of this short coming you continue with your ignorant and arrogant behavior in the self belief that it is the rest of the world that are the stupid ones… It was your lack of answering my questions that finally irritated me into expressing my displeasure… as I read the many comments… and I do read them all, many others have found you to be a problem as well. But keep living in your own world… soon you will have no one to talk to… not that you actually say much anyway…


Yeah well it was my point. The guy just deported has nothing to do with murder and it was inappropriate for him to be compared such by having her picture posted in his thread.


So what! She is not relevant to this op. This is a man that was brought to this country when he was ten, he worked, paid taxes, had NO criminal record. Claiming that you don’t care about that, he’s illegal, should be deported anyway is one thing. But you disrespected him by putting up a picture of KS, which he has no responsibility for.


The guy deported committed a criminal act when he was of age and didn’t do anything about his legal status in this country. I’m glad you think immigration fraud is a “nothing” crime, but that’s simply not true. I say again, if our laws were enforced Kate Steinle would still be alive. Go to her family and explain your POV to them. You’d be lucky to walk away without a beating.


Is this your mo, your method of dealing with people, coercion “force” and “beatings”??


No, it’s not that it’s nothing ( and no telling why you have that in quotations as you’re not quoting me) but I’ve tried to make clear repeatedly that there’s far greater harm and crimes being committed that command my attention that YOU consider trivial, than people sneaking into land that once was their own, and taken from them. It just doesn’t make me mad the way that it does you.

Also it’s inappropriate for you guys to continue to tie Kate to this guy who was child when he was brought here and grew up to be a fine resident of his community.