WINNING! Mexican Who Had Been in the US Illegally for 30 Years Deported on MLK Day


So what! She is not relevant to this op. This is a man that was brought to this country when he was ten, he worked, paid taxes, had NO criminal record. Claiming that you don’t care about that, he’s illegal, should be deported anyway is one thing. But you disrespected him by putting up a picture of KS, which he has no responsibility for.


The guy deported committed a criminal act when he was of age and didn’t do anything about his legal status in this country. I’m glad you think immigration fraud is a “nothing” crime, but that’s simply not true. I say again, if our laws were enforced Kate Steinle would still be alive. Go to her family and explain your POV to them. You’d be lucky to walk away without a beating.


Is this your mo, your method of dealing with people, coercion “force” and “beatings”??


No, it’s not that it’s nothing ( and no telling why you have that in quotations as you’re not quoting me) but I’ve tried to make clear repeatedly that there’s far greater harm and crimes being committed that command my attention that YOU consider trivial, than people sneaking into land that once was their own, and taken from them. It just doesn’t make me mad the way that it does you.

Also it’s inappropriate for you guys to continue to tie Kate to this guy who was child when he was brought here and grew up to be a fine resident of his community.


AWESOME! Now he should apply for legal status and be prioritized for re-entry.


Monte, I agree this man had nothing to do with KS.He did commit an illegal act by not becoming a legal resident .But why are you unsympathetic towards Kate’s family. Have some empathy and put yourself in their position. How would you feel if this was a member of your family ???


Montecristo you are a real piece of work. You read my statement then you just make shit up as you go… Are all rabid liberals bound by some oath to lie, lie, and then lie some more? Because most of you behave similarly.


How about some specifics, and why would you want to call me a “rabid liberal”, hmm?


Why would you accuse me of that? I just resent this man that was deported the other day being compared to the alleged assailant of KS. There’s literally no comparison between the two. Reasonable Americans agree that this man is not the kind of person they’d like to see caught up in deportations.




I would just have to say that for all the time you have spent here and the actual details you appear to reveal about your political sell says… if not ‘rabid liberal’… ah… ‘dyed in the wool progressive’… :joy:

Come back and see us soon… and … Have A nice day ! :wink:


We’ll see…


Monte, I say you’re unsympathetic towards the family of KS because I haven’t read a post from you about how her death affected her family.
This man’s failure to gain legal status is his fault and no one else’s . Are we supposed to take these people by the hand and do everything for them?.??? He’s not a 5 yr old,he’s an adult and this is his own fault, not the government’s !!! What about individuals lack of personal responsibility. Again,don’t you think 30 yrs is enough time to achieve legal status!!!-


I’m no less sympathetic for Kate who was “allegedly” murdered by an illegal alien than I am for the young lady murdered by a white man in San Diego as she was jogging through the park. But she isn’t the topic of the op, and the gentleman featured in the op has a cleaner criminal record than many white men in America that were born here. He should not be viewed against a murderer.


How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t care about that. You’ve made that mountain out of a mole hill.


Of course you don’t care about his ‘legal’ status… that is irrelevant to you…


Monte,I haven’t compared him to an “Alleged Murder”. You haven’t answered my question about how you would feel if this"Alleged Murder" would occur to one of your children and to be more sympathetic towards her family.
I’m smart enough to know that this man should not be compared"Alleged Murderer"and I didn’t do that. I said that’s his own fault for not having legal status.It’s his responsibility to do it,no one else’s. You FAIL to acknowledge that!!! Do you expect everyone to do this for him??.???


Kate’s picture was tagged in this thread inappropriately. That’s where this all started. I just don’t want this guy talked about in light of the KS tragedy as there’s no relationship. As to how I’d feel, I already expressed to you the same way that I feel about all murder. The color/race of the murderer or the murdered is irrelevant. I’ve never committed a murder in my life and never will and have never understood how anybody could do it. But it’s a tragedy witnessed around the world every single day.


“ALLEGEDLY murdered by an illegal”??? Verifiably murdered by an illegal POS.


What’s inappropriate about it? We get pummeled with bullshit sob stories about illegals getting deported but no one in the media ever covers the stories about the victims of illegal alien crimes.