WINNING! Mexican Who Had Been in the US Illegally for 30 Years Deported on MLK Day


Nope, you’re not getting away with that. Just yesterday you accused the US government of fucking working Americans over with NAFTA, GATT and WTO. What’s more unamerican than that. :roll_eyes:

Oh, and you don’t need to cap lock me, I know you’re yelling already. That’s what people do when they’re on the loosing end of a debate.


I unlike you are not trying to getaway with anything . When I stated organizations I included the congress of the United States of America ! I do believe congress screwed working Americans for the better part of fifty years .
Congress is suppose to represent the voters not the special interest so by calling congress corrupted in no way am I calling America corrupted !


What have we got for a country if our elected officials are screwing us over for the last half century. (yesterday you said fucking us over so tempered language noted) And if I listen to you and the TIC, our top enforcement agency is corrupt and in taters, our CIA is the same as NAZI’s and there’s various other ways that he’s compared us to Banana Republics or Third World status. Is America the greatest in the world, and that’s just rhetoric to get the racist bigots in America to vote for him, or is America the shithole that you and he describe it to be?


Your anti American biases is clear . “racist bigots in America to vote for him”


Not anti American, anti racist bigots. See the difference. Don’t be bitter dude.


last half century? Beyond Lincoln actually breaking the constitution, we have been pretty well screwed over every since Wilson or FDR for sure…


Bet you couldn’t identify a black racist bigot if he slapped you on the back of the head…


Haters will always hate and Johnny has ramped up his mantra of hate.



Now we know that all of those Mexican flags weren’t a mistake don’t we… best I can say is…‘come and take it’ but you might die trying…


This can’t be taken seriously .


Well, it can in a cultural sense… diversity is the plan my man…


Sure it can. Look at the map. And nobody knows with any certainty how many are here already, at least they’re not telling if they do. And just look at the thread here discussing voting in California.


It is happening, and that’s precisely why the alt right is in such shape, this is why they supported Trump. There is fear, consternation and anger that this is happening and the alt right wants ICE to deport them all and build a wall, a literal physical barrier, to KEEP them out.


Don’t forget the ‘Big Beautiful Door’…


Perhaps now some unemployed AMERICAN CITIZEN can take that high paying job this illegal robbed him of for 20 years . :roll_eyes:


Why in the world would you say that??? THIS is the very thing that has you guys twisted, THIS is the corner stone of Trumps campaign and the chief reason the extreme right in America so vehemently supported him. If THIS wasn’t serious, you guys wouldn’t be so fearful of it, you guys wouldn’t be calling for total deportation and a big beautiful wall, paid for by Mexico.


For the first time I think I can agree with you ! This schumer shutdown over DACA may push the right to a hard place in the DACA issue !
No citizenship . No chain immigration . No lottery .


You libs are going to push this illegal aliens to the point that what little support you may have had with the working class will go up in smoke . When the riots start !


The left needs a new base as they are destroying the current base.