WINNING! Mexican Who Had Been in the US Illegally for 30 Years Deported on MLK Day


Lmao, the libs don’t even agree with me.


If you ride with horse thieves you hang with them .
Schumer just yield to the eminence pressure from American citizens and will accept the GOP offer .
Schumer will end the Schumer Shutdown !


And what is that???


Pass the spending bill and DACA will be on the floor by Feb 8 . Something that Obama and the libs were unwilling to do their self’s !


A DACA bill is what the Dems want, shrug.


Awe Shucks John… they just don’t know you like we do…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wake up there is NO DACA bill there hasn’t ever been a DACA bill .
Yes I know it’s hard to believe that human rigth’s bastion Barack Hussein Obama II NEVER he or the Democratic congress NEVER had a DACA plan !


The same one that was on the table last week !


Right, but there will be.


If there is a DACA bill libs will have to end chained immigration end lottery immigration and FUND the WALL along with other border security !
Think they will go there ?


Yes I do, that is, I believe that they will negotiate limited (restricted to nuclear family) chain migration, and give ground on border security. But I can’t believe that you still think there will be a wall. Even the TIC (according to Kelly) has “evolved” on that, and the TIC himself has modified his language accepting that the mountains and rivers (that have been there all along) will serve as security in lieu of a brick and mortar wall.



I works so well today as people just walk across the border without a problem in the world.


There was ALWAYS going to be a resolution to the DACA question legislatively… but what that will be is by no means certain and by the way dems jumped out of this shutdown… I’d say they are on the back foot…


If Trump has evolved on the issue of using rivers as a barrier I want to remind him of the name Mexicans who crossed the Rio Grande were called…


Do you think that Schumer has some leverage that he just left on the floor, because that’s what it sounds like.


The silver lining to a Trump presidency is that he’s not an ideologue. He’d sell his mother to close a deal. So, when it’s convenient or beneficial to him to declare that government shutdowns are the fault of a bad president, he’ll do so, but when it’s politcally advantageous he’ll blame congress. Open borders/globalization have contributed largely to the Trump empire, and he knows that, and has always supported them, but pretending to be an isolationist/nationalist he saw early on would tap into the type of people that are members of this board, and make a niche base for him. So there’s plenty of leeway for the moderates on both sides of the isle to move more common sense legislation forward. They just need to be the last guys out of the room to talk to him, lol.


You have absolutely no understanding of how business works.

If you knew how business works you would know that you take actions in business to create the maximum competitive advantage possible. That means you have to operate the same way your competitors do and in such a way that allows your company to beat out the competition.

If your competitors are open borders globalists benefiting from cheap labor then you will need to operate the same way and get higher quality output for the lowest labor cost possible to maintain the advantage. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with the business environment. It just means you accept the reality of the business environment. Trump has spoken about this countless times.

Stop commenting on matters that you don’t understand.


Sorry, but that’s not your decision. Otherwise I appreciate your being candid in your acknowledgment that the TIC is an opportunist, I said it in fewer words but yours works.


Who isn’t an opportunist? Do you not do things that would be most advantageous for you? President Trump at least admitted this during the campaign. He didn’t give the same holier than thou bullshit speeches like other politicians gave…Bernie Sanders and Killary come to mind. Speaking of opportunists how’d that college work out for Jane Sanders or those sports cars and lake houses for Bernie? Why didn’t he redistribute his wealth like he wants all of us to?

Also stop cherry picking my comments. Not my fault you are incapable of reading short paragraphs.

Also…Trump will veto any DACA nonsense and send these ungrateful bitches back to taco land.



No but that’s just exactly what he DID do, and not only that, but smarter than anybody who paid taxes, better than anybody else at building a wall, would make deals better than anybody else, would accomplish more in his first 100 days than any other president in American history, he’d be the greatest creator of jobs that god ever created, he knew more about the Islamic State than the Generals, declared “I alone can fix it”, everything I’ve done virtually has been a tremendous success, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.”

I could fill pages with this, the point…he’s never been accused of being modest.