WINNING! Mexican Who Had Been in the US Illegally for 30 Years Deported on MLK Day


Where possible there will be a beautiful wall ! And America will secure our southern border probable for the first time ever ! Another President Trump first .


Yeah, I’ve been looking thru the quotes, no, nope I can’t find where the TIC ever said that when he was pandering for the votes, your not saying the same thing he is saying.


I think Schumer and Durben showed what sort of men they are .President Trump has weighted them and found them lacking !
They had leverage plus the majority of both party’s badly want to but DACA behind them .
I don’t think they could get the time of day from most Americans .


Explain what leverage the minority party in both houses of Congress has??


Wow, it was on full display with the government shutdown.

Are you out of the country???


You just witness the power of the minority .


So you can’t, because they didn’t, that’s the nature of the minority party. What’s pathetic is that McConnell couldn’t even produce a majority vote though he has a majority of senators. Pesky defectors. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


What’s pathetic is people who don’t realize that 60 does were required. Didn’t matter if he did have 51 votes, the outcome was the same. Talk about playing politics, 5 of the faithful broke ranks and voted with the repo]ub’s to show the home folks that they did not want a government shutdown. Everyone of them 100% democon votes since elected.

But a leftist shill like yourself knows that already.


He probably is god to you. :wink:


Well, come on… it does take a good leader… and I don’t want to here the “I alone can fix it”… Obama knew no other words than Me, Myself and I. I don’t mind is immodesty… I care about what he says he will do and he was unequivocal in his proclamations… he didn’t/doesn’t hide behind obscure words like ‘Hope and Change’.

‘Ask not what your country can do for you… ask what you can do for your country.’ He may not be very polished in his verbal delivery but he just might be the only true statesman for the last 100 years. … well, Reagan was probably a statesman, he went to Washington without longterm political aspirations in mind. Not like some who haunt Washington for years and even those who refuse to go away when their tenure is finished…


God’s in government are the domain of the progressive ideologue… My God resides far and above Washington…


America is a republic and the republicans unlike the dems arn’t a bunch of lemming blindly following a badly flawed leader !


This seems kinda relevant:

Trump_Dora_You Have to Go Back


The TIC is the most flawed ever.


Only in the minds of the resistance and uninformed .


Well you’re right, my comment is as subjective as yours.