Winter Is Coming


There is going to be snow over a large area this weekend to early next week. There will be 3 systems. The first comes through tonight in PA and NY with a 2-4 inch snows. This brings with it an arctic front that ushers in the second storm Sunday/Monday. This system comes across the Northern Gulf. With cold air in place there will be snows in the TN Valley and NC. Then Tues the Big Kahuna comes with a low developing off NC that moves up the coast with significant snows (could be the biggest this year for some places). This looks to be the last big snow storm this season as it begins to warm after.


For the life of me I have no idea how anyone could survive a 2-4" snowfall.

Oh, the inhumanity!


Yeah, we’re supposed to get 3 inches here in Iowa. I can remember a prediction for 2 inches 20 years ago that turned out to be 22 inches.


The trees have been starting to bud here in WV. I’ve got all the windows open right now. I knew it was too good to last :frowning:

Looks like the hot tub will be working overtime this weekend!!! :wine_glass: :bathtub:


I’ll be sure to provide everyone updates on the weather from Miami this weekend.


I dont see 22, but three for the whole period might be on the low side. You might miss the second storm, and you might catch the northern end as the energy dives south


We ended up with 2-3 inches of wet heart attack snow here in Jersey. Roads never had any accumulation.

We’re probably all gonna live.


Today people of the Northeastern United States will be
enjoying 1 to 2 feet of Global Warming…


Funny story, I was watching a YouTube documentary yesterday afternoon on Antarctica, and they were all wailing about the “ice melt,” and how it’s caused by man.

Next scene: They discover flowers, animals, plants in the bottom layers of Antarctica, from a different time.

So what caused THAT climate change?



2003 Denver 4’ of snow in March. A week later the snow melted and it was springtime in the rockies.

It did take a front end loader to make a path to get out of the neighborhood.

Now when we have major snowfall we get the neighborhood together and shovel to the road instead of waiting for a snow plow. But it’s not reported as it isn’t the big city.


Yes Redhawk, do you have the schooling that climate scientists do? And, can you quote any climate scientists declaring that only humans can bring about catastrophic climate change.


Yeah that’s worse than the 2003 storm where we picked a measly 4.5’ of snow. Fortunately it was mild march and the snow lasted 1 week.