With All Of These People Refusing To Testify Or Pleading the 5th


Just how much ‘truth’ will we learn about Trump / Russia when all of the people who supposedly know and are pointing fingers are too deep in the swamp themselves… while the 5th proves no guilt is certainly implies a significant involvement for which people feel themselves in legal jeopardy… Perhaps were are focusing the investigations in the wrong direction…


Don’t read a whole lot into that , this would be pretty standard .


Why wouldn’t they all claim the 5th? It’s the smartest thing to do and will stop Mueller dead in his tracks. Since the whole thing is a with hunt anyway any question that they answer, even if it is totally unrelated will be pieced together by Mueller to make some conspiracy connection. If no one says a word then Mueller has little to go on.


What I’m wondering is if Mueller is fired, what will happen to 1) the existing investigation 2) the investigation material to date?

Mueller can only be fired by a DOJ A.G or Asst. A.G. so that will be an outrageous repeat of the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ and Nixonian in intensity for the citizenry. A constitutional crisis will be at hand and the GOP will reveal its playing cards…it hasn’t been encouraging or moral fiber. More like moral math and the country loses when the GOP is more concerned with surviving their own election while pushing their agenda…

I’d really like to know - haven’t heard it anywhere else - what actually happens to the evidence they have gathered to date?


And if they didn’t plead the 5th and didn’t refuse to testify, they would lie.

The best is if they are a government employe, they would take early retirement with full healthcare a laugh at all of us at home relaxing.


This particular situation is with the Senate Judiciary Committee investigation. I would say that anyone who appears before these hearings is in one of three general positions. 1)You want to help Trump, in which case you have information that clears Trump of these allegations. 2) You want to hurt Trump, in which case you have information that you want to convey that will incriminate Trump or his people Or 3) You are mixed up in a situation that shined a light on your name and you don’t want to go to jail… after all the 5th is strictly about self incrimination. Every time I see someone taking the 5th, it always raises my eyebrow because they are protecting someone… and I think anyone trying to cover for Trump is putting themselves in serious legal jeopardy anyway…


The more Democrats investigate Trump, the more Democrats are exposed. Now, the founder of Fusion GPS, who created the fake Trump dossier and was tied to the Russian lawyer let in by Obama, is pleading the Fifth to avoid exposing who paid him. KEEP WINNING.