Woman accuses United of giving her seat to Houston's Sheila Jackson Lee


A passenger on a flight from Houston to Washington D.C. has accused United Airlines of giving her first-class seat to U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. D-Houston, and then threatening to remove her from the plane for complaining and snapping a photo of the Houston congresswoman.

Simon later learned that Jackson Lee was in her pre-purchased seat and has alleged that the congresswoman received preferential treatment, which United denies.

“After thoroughly examining our electronic records, we found that upon receiving a notification that Flight 788 was delayed due to weather, the customer appears to have canceled her flight from Houston to Washington, D.C. within the United mobile app,” United said in a statement. “As part of the normal pre-boarding process, gate agents began clearing standby and upgrade customers, including the first customer on the waitlist for an upgrade.”

Simon denies that she cancelled her ticket. She sent a reporter a screenshot of the United website showing only one “inactive” reservation – a flight to Houston in August to visit her daughter that she had to cancel because of Hurricane Harvey.


Elected officials should not get any sort of preferential treatment. I’m also confident that receiving a free upgrade to first-class is considered a “gift” and is illegal. The passenger she had kicked out had paid for her seat, not Shelia.


Shelia “have race card will travel” Jackson Lee trampling on a common citizen. Why am I not surprised. United should get put on notice over this.


They dont learn, apparently. Its not even a year yet.


I think that Congress should travel business class, particularity members of the house. Some might come from significant districts but the fact is, they represent rather narrow constituencies…


Since the people pay for their travel I think they should travel the way most people do…in coach. If it’s good enough for us it’s good enough for them. If they want to site in Business Class or First Class they can pay for it themselves.


I’ll go one step further. I think Senators and Representatives should be required to send a detailed expense report of every single thing they purchased using our money to every single address within their jurisdiction or state every single month. I get monthly statements from every single service that I pay for that shows a list of charges. We pay the salaries of these people and also pay for their travel, per diem, and meals. I want to see what I’m paying for every single month. If there is a charge that I don’t agree with I should be able to dispute it and demand repayment. First class tickets and fancy meals would no longer be tolerated. If they want that stuff they can pay for it themselves…most of them are millionaires anyway.


“Since this was not any fault of mine, the way the individual continued to act appeared to be, upon reflection, because I was an African American woman, seemingly an easy target along with the African American flight attendant who was very, very nice,” Jackson Lee said in the statement. “This saddens me, especially at this time of year given all of the things we have to work on to help people. But in the spirit of this season and out of the sincerity of my heart, if it is perceived that I had anything to do with this, I am kind enough to simply say sorry.”

“I will make this about race because I am a racist fuck who can’t think of anything else. I am a sanctimonious shithead who thinks that everyone else is below me. Fuck what they think, me me me, its all about me and my needs. It’s not what I did, it’s your reaction to it that’s the problem”

That’s a way to sum up her mantra in a few short sentences.


Turns out Sheila’s racist whitie wasn’t such a racist after all… but then again, who knows with liberal double standards…


Rep. Jackson Lee says that she’s being targeted in United Airlines case all simply due to the fact that she’s black :rofl:


Nope! Because she is an ignorant POS!


I think I can get past her being black. Instead, I want her thrown out on her ass based solely on the narcissistic, elitist, douchebag piece of shit she is on a continuing basis.

She has a long history of being a pot-stirring, race-baiting pile of trash, and never wastes a single opportunity to prove it.


Uppity is really the only word to describe this situation.


The only thing I wonder… and the stated facts of the situation aren’t clear is, was this a United foulup or did Jackson demand a 1st class seat and United ‘created’ the ‘error’. Knowing the many instances of controversy that she has been involved in, I might guess the later, but I don’t know. But of course her reaction is typical.


Every single thing that happens to blacks it because of racism , when in the fuck will common sense prevail ?


When it is clearly known by all that the definition of racism applies equally to all. When the likes of Al Sharpton get called a racist and a race baiter publicly and often… When Latinos can no longer stand under the banner of LaRaza and call themselves victims…