Woman killed by “eco-friendly” metal straw

How the fuck is metal more natural than actual fucking straws?

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It cracks me up that the same ninnies that are responsible for requiring cars to have all manner of expensive “safety” junk to compensate for negligent driving think that sharp rigid metal instruments near the mouth is a good idea.

Elena’s wife

Oh, a dyke.

In the months leading up to her death, she had been drinking around half a litre of vodka a day, mixed with orange juice , from the mason jar cup, using the metal straw which was a birthday gift.

Oh, so a screwdriver was to blame!

…called for the coroner to comment on how easy it is to purchase metal straws , adding: ‘These straws can very easily be lethal.’

This story is from the land of confiscated butter knifes and no plastic fork sales to minors, right? They are proving inconsistent, a hallmark of lefties.

Just ban metal straws. The UK has alrady banned knives. This is just the next logical step and thereafter also ban screwdrivers and anything else pointy, like a stick for instance, a wooden pointy stick. Ban wood too, also morning wood to please the feminazis. Ban everything.

All straws are dangerous to somebody and should be banned. When a woman drowns by accidentally pouring water up her nose, then we can ban glasses.

They just need to ban everything in order to keep everyone safe.

Being Britain you can be sure there will be two steps taken toward protecting people.

  1. Straws of all sorts must be licensed and registered.
  2. One must take a course, pass a test in order to be licensed to purchase/own a straw.