Woman stabbed to death jogging in DC just a week after she got engaged


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Police in Washington DC are on the hunt for a man who stabbed a female jogger to death without any apparent provocation on Tuesday night.

Wendy Karina Martinez, 35, was out for an evening run near Logan Circle just before 8pm when she was attacked by a knife-wielding stranger at the intersection of 11th and O streets, Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said.

Martinez suffered multiple serious stabs wounds but managed to stumble to a nearby Chinese restaurant, with blood gushing from a laceration to her neck.

Patrons at the eatery rushed to her aid and attempted to help her before paramedics arrived on the scene.

Martinez was taken to an area hospital, where she later died.

Newsham said it is believed the attacker, described as a black man, did not know Martinez and that it was most likely a random act of violence and a ‘singular incident.’

The chief said the suspect was last seen wearing a long-sleeve mustard-colored shirt, dark-colored sweatpants, white socks and light-colored sandals.


I wonder if she changed her mind about celebrating diversity and equality when she was slowly bleeding out from being stabbed by a piece of farm equipment.


That’s a little too harsh. Unfortunately I think you are probably right. Liberals have welcomed and encouraged much of the brazen attitudes and behaviors that we see today. They need to wake up otherwise they might be next.


Arrest has been made. What do you wanna bet? I say it’s an illegal alien.


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I heard it on Fox News just before I typed it. I doubt this is fake news.

Perhaps you should WATCH & LISTEN TO a news channel instead of concentrating on freebird with tunnel vision.

I’m sure a ink will be available soon.


Only one with tunnel vision is you boy. I use various news outlets for my information.

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Fuck you.


About time… what took you so long?


Libs will never realize the repercussion of their own stupidity. They will allow all of this shit in our country creating horrible atrocities to them and still say that we just need to be nicer and more understanding to to these pukes.


We need to rid this country of libs before they distroy it…


DC is in transition. Logan Circle and the 14th Street corridor used to be a really sketchy area that had lots of drugs and street hookers. It’s changed as prices for housing has skyrocketed. West of Logan Circle is safer than east of Logan Circle. She was east of Logan circle, after dark, not that far from the low income areas that still remain in the Shaw neighborhood. Although the article describes the area as “very safe”, it really depends. Women make easy targets but I see them walking and jogging with seemingly no concern for their safety at all. As for illegal aliens, they aren’t likely to be in that area. They would be further uptown.


Jump to conclusions much?

And did you notice her last name? It’s Martinez.


In DC proper…sure. The overwhelming number of them in the DMV are in NOVA.


I wonder was that a privileged white male that stabbed her ? Could it be more white on white crime I see so much about the news lately , just checking . :roll_eyes: :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


Stupid mother brings up she was a proud LATINA, lol wtf does her inability to assimilate have to do with this


What’s your point? DC is well known as a liberal cesspool.

Just to prove a point here is screenshot from her Twitter.


Lol What’s YOUR point?