Women need a shorter working week than men


  • Be women
  • Demand equality in the work force
  • Get it and then some
  • “Waaah! this is too hard, im getting stressed out and my health is getting poor!”


Meanwhile back in America during the Obama administration it was the lifespan of the average white male that was under attack.


And then there are some women who manage to out work men in fields that were typical an all men environment . :astonished:


Hey, what about equality???

Doesn’t equal pay equal equal hours?


Oh dear…


Is that because men are taller?

I could have said is that because most women are shorter?


I can guarantee that they have a career focus that is equal or better than the men she works with… She will either have no children to sidetrack her loyalty to her work or she will have a partner that tends exclusively (or in the case of latchkey kids) part time to the care and feeding of their kids. Then she will wake up one day and regret not being at that school play or sports event, but the bottom line is that she will be dedicated to the job or she would not outwork anyone.


I’m sure you have more to add to the subject than ‘Oh Dear’… I mean, I missed a lot of my children’s life events to make sure that 1. they had an adequate secure place to live and 2. I was never overshadowed by a work competitor. Everything in life is a trade off and when you strive for balance you must believe that you will have to make concessions somewhere but I don’t think the ‘equal everything’ crowd see it that way…


This would hurt women’s earning and marketability if enforced, since companies will likely hire a man who works 5 days a week than a woman who works 3. And then what, the government will enforce mandatory hire quotas?

Its funny how leftists now want less of their kind of “equality”.

Dont get me wrong, I agree with the premise of this article. Ideally (to me), women should work in a part-time capacity and take care of their home and children (which is actually a full-time job) if they so choose. I think its more important to raise healthy kids, both physically and mentally, than to gather a few extra “empowering” bucks working at the same glorified wage slave jobs as men. Less kids will be shot and less criminals will roam the streets.


That’s the very same story for men too .


I hate working with women. They act like children 99% of the time. They don’t display any manners in meetings. They speak over people. They get all pissed off because they aren’t included in every little thing. They create drama.


LOL, you wouldn’t want to work near my wife. She’s the queen of termination.

Workforce management for a utility. Not a drama queen, terminates everyone who violates the rules in a non discriminating fashion.

Act like a child, no she’s a bit on the ruthless side.


I don’t disagree… I’m just saying that if you really want equal pay then your loyalties and availability must be commensurate with the mission… because if your not willing or are unable to take that trip or find child care for a long weekend of work, then to an employer you just aren’t as valuable as someone who will.


There are exceptions to every rule @LouMan that much is true.