Would it be better if the USA were more like Canada


If we are to change The United States of America , into what are we going to change it? What is our model, what will be our values ? No one is suggesting that we adopt a model like Cuba or Venezuela or the old USSR but the Nordic model seems to be popular now, if that is unrealistic is it realistic to try to be a bit more like Canada?


Please suggest concrete “changes” that you have in mind, instead of the vague flowery soup youre presenting. The US needs change yes, but imo by making the US government smaller.


the bigger the better, i’d like us to be like scandanavia, but if you look on the index of econmomic freedom in the heritage foundation, all those nations are better for business than the usa you can be both kind and market friendly denaark and canda prove that mr money bags


Ah right, the more bureaucratic the better. Im glad I know who Im talking to now.


bloomberg reports:


High taxes, strong unions and an equal distribution of wealth. That’s the recipe for success in a globalized world, according to Magdalena Andersson, the Social Democratic economist who’s also Sweden’s finance minister. The 50-year-old has been raising taxes and spending more on welfare since winning power in 2014. She’s also overseen an economic boom, with Swedish growth rates topping 4 percent early last year, that has turned budget deficits into surpluses.

In a world still flinching from the financial crisis that hit a decade ago and the populist wave that followed, Sweden’s economic stewardship holds lessons that challenge the conventional wisdom in the U.S. on how taxes work, according to the Harvard-educated minister. Speaking in an interview in Stockholm, Andersson says success comes down to “three things: It’s the jobs, it’s our welfare and it’s our redistribution.”




The common thread to these mistaken conclusions, aside from the desire to deny that there are leftist success stories in the world, is the apparent belief that the only extraordinary part of Nordic economies are the welfare states. Except for their generous social benefits, everything else is properly capitalist and even more capitalist than the United States. Or so the argument goes.




call it the nordic modek then social democracy i dont care whatever it is it works


Why would we want to scrap our Republic and opt to be more like Canada in the first place?


It’s just an evolutionary process that has occurred naturally over the course of time. Founded as a dirt road republic when states were far more powerful and Americans were much less tethered to Washington, we are now much more like a democratic socialist society.


Die-versity is rampant in Canada and it’s a shame that you appear to be celebrating the death of western civilization.


I didn’t get that impression from his commentary, shrug.


I don’t care what you took away from his comments. I wasn’t addressing you directly. @BillSands appears to be obsessed with countries that have willingly cucked themselves to the third world.



I think the west very well may be finished but , China will prevail which means socialism has won


Do you even know what China is like? :rofl: Have you ever even been there?

They are literally animals who don’t place any value on human life. Women will shit out a baby on the street and leave it to die in the gutter. No one cares. No one helps. It’s fucked. They aren’t taking anything over.

Also…WTF does China have anything to do with your OP about Canada and numerous nonsensical shitposts about every other country OTHER than Canada that you posted about. This is worse than a Monte derailed thread.


Why the hell are you derailing his thread. Why don’t you speak to the op directly instead of personally insulting people. Seems that’s all the right wing ever really has…

Like Canada, the US has been steadily evolving into a democratic socialist society. And that trend will continue.


Ur fucking retarded…America is going to stay America. We aren’t gonna be like anyone else. That’s what makes us an exceptional country. China? Canada?..ur an idiot…:roll_eyes: