Would it be better if the USA were more like Canada


The short answer… NO.

There are a lot of good things about Canada, Healthcare isnt one of them.

One of the things we should take from Canada is, they know how to deal with Illegal Immigrants, even though they have sanctuary cities.

The one thing I like is Illegal immigrants cannot get free healthcare or is eligible to get a health card

  1. they cant get welfare without having a Social insurance number ( SSN here)

  2. they cannot get drivers licenses

other than that they pay too much in Taxes, they have limited first amendment rights, the gun laws are horrendous and their Prime minister is a pussy


I know many people that have visitied and were every impressed, thats rich coming from such a violent society where people are gunned down on the street and people starve and freeeze for lack of basic necessities


Healthcare has a few advantages that play well to small business. A small business owner in canada doesnt have to worry about paying out healthcare insurance for example. The implementation is poor and the aging population is going to bring it down. And no canadian truly realizes how much they actually pay for it.

Gun laws are fought against…you should see the mess the ‘long gun’ registry made. Trudeaus a pussy, fortunately conservative canada resists.


Amen to the conservatives, too bad Harper is gone,he seemed like a hard nose guy doing what is best for Canada.

Trudeau, ahh not so much .




And the left says Capitalism sucks and its exploitative

just one correction, China is an example of crony capitalism not free market laissez faire capitalism

And when China goes through its first recession or depression we will see what the Chinese Politburo of billionaires do when they start losing their net worth


I agree and have a friend living there, vastly improved from the 70’s. Nothing like America, but it’s nice seeing a middle class in China now with discretionary income out spending it. Their capitalism is still short on regulation, and lacks necessary consumer protections but its improved over the way things were 40-50 years ago. And they’re still growing.


I know people who have visited and were not impressed. I’m not sure what the point you are making here is. You seem to be asserting that Canada is better than the USA without any real reasoning. You then proceed to proclaim that China is most impressive. You claim that China is most impressive because of anecdotal evidence provided to you by unnamed acquaintances. You then proceed to disparage the USA claiming that people are gunned down in the street (without quantification) and that people (also not quantified) starve and freeze because of a lack of basic necessities - which you do not describe.

The most recent numbers that I could find indicate that over 82 million people (which is a conservatives estimate) live in extreme poverty on less than one dollar a day in China.

China also has had it’s fair share of senseless murder of it’s citizens. The path to Communism was paved in blood with an estimated 4.5 million killed by Mao as part of his land reforms. That’s not even the grand total for the Chinese civil war.

Then you have the Uighurs. China has been killing these people for decades. It’s estimated that about a million of them were killed and the remaining have been placed in re-education camps. I don’t find this to be something that should be aspired to. Perhaps I value our Constitutionally protected rights too much. Freedom of religion being especially important.

I also value freedom of speech. That is a foreign concept in China. People are not free to express their views. I find this to be highly undesirable. Especially because China is so quick to kill those who do.


Not trying to speak for Sands, but can tell you that if you’re an American and you hadn’t visited China in the 70’s before visiting them in the last few years, then no, you’d not be impressed.


I’m not clear on what you are saying here.


First, there is no democratic socialist country. That’s a pipe dream. The correct term is social democracy or welfare state, both of which have free-market ideals, private property, all of which is antithetical to socialism. So the new breed of Democratic Socialists are an embarrassment on the grounds that they have no clue what they’re talking about.

Second, Democratic Socialism is a contradiction in terms.


I’m sorry. What I meant was that China can’t be compared with the US, that’s apples and oranges, but when you compare the China of 1970 with the China of today, credit where credits do. If as an American you were to visit China today, but you hadn’t visited China in the 1970’s, then no, you’d likely not be impressed.

Hope that’s clearer.


The first time I went to China ( Beijing) I was shocked , major differences , I had a colleague who was sick and I took her to the hospital there in Beijing , they have hospitals there that cater to foreigners ,and speaks english, which was cool.

Before you see a doctor you have to pay upfront , which at the time was 5 RMB, then you wait to see the doctor and its crowded.

When it was her turn the doctor motioned me to come along apparently there is no privacy laws there and I didnt know that its customary to accompany the patient when seeing the doctor, and people can walk by and listen to what is going on , freaky.

there are no appointments, except of surgeries.

, Ive been to doctors offices and hospitals in the UK, Canada, Beijing and Berlin Germany with friends, family, associates just to see what its like.

I have relatives in Ottawa Canada, and I remember my cousin 10 years ago broke her leg playing hockey, and was taken to a hospital and she had to present her “ohip” card or they would bill her directly , apparently its a health card Ontario residents have before they see the doctor.

when you get to see other countries healthcare system and compare to ours and you see first hand how other systems work.

If you have money in Beijing or China life is good, if youre out in the rural areas particularly tier 4 and 5 cities/towns its a struggle and you can see it compared to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai etc.


What do credits “do”?:rofl:


I can agree basically with all of that.


Sure. It’s fair to say that China of 1970 compared to China of 2018 would be vastly different in many respects. Let’s be careful about using the word improved in this analysis. Simply because China has built a city where none had existed before does not mean that China has actually improved anything.

There are many cities in China which are uninhabited. I’d hardly consider a decaying ghost city as a measure of success. Also, the amount of environmental pollution in the China of 2018 compared to the China of 1970 is not something that I would consider to be successful. The Chinese have an abysmal environmental record.

China derives it’s wealth from the expolitation of it’s people as a cheap source of labor. That is far from ideal but true to form of Communism. While they may have instances of obscene wealth and glamour, they are in effect, the world’s largest sweatshop. That’s hardly something worth aspiring to.

Yes - China of 1970 is vastly different than China of 2018.


Vastly better in so many ways. I’ve seen both.


I love how you want the US to be more like Canada, yet youre citing … western Nordic country 's economies (and even Uruguay? Do you have any geographical sense at all?), when I just posted the even Denmark disregarded you leftists calling it a “democratic socialist haven”. Why are you being intellectually dishonest? Oh wait…


I have to admit, I’m somewhat gobsmacked and quite miffed at your response to my post.

I don’t appreciate being taken out of context in such a flippant way.

Especially after I provided a thoughtful response to your post. Which took me some time to write.


I think the best thing that Mao did for China was?

He died.