Would it be better if the USA were more like Canada


My apologies, I don’t disagree with your criticisms in general.

China, following the death of chairman Mao Zedong, the opening up of China with American business beginning with Nixon’s historical visit, the offshoring of American manufacturing to China, (good for them perhaps not so good for America generally) the resulting emergence of a “middle class” (very nice to see when visiting now) which has led to the embrace of certain aspects of capitalism and a little socialism, has all contributed to a vastly improved China today over the China of 1970.

I felt that your assertion that China hasn’t improved anything is quite factually inaccurate.


That certainly wasn’t the impression I was trying to give. I should have been more clear. The tone of my post was geared towards recognizing the shortfalls of China because I felt that many of the posts In this thread only focused on the positive aspects of China without recognizing many of these shortfalls. if we want to have an honest conversation we have to recognize both the good and the bad. Nothing is perfect that is for sure.


And I have no problem recognizing the shortfalls of China, they are many, and most of your criticisms are spot on. But China has improved greatly, as I said, I have a friend married to a Chinese woman, and lives there with her and he’s very happy, I’ve visited him twice. He would never have chosen to live there in the 70’s.

China is at least getting better, there infrastructure today still bad by some western standards is fabulous compared to what I experienced the first time there.

America in contrast is in decline. Just one case in point. The ASCE that issues a report card on America’s infrastructure every four years, has given us a D in all 14 categories the last 4 report cards. :flushed:

I know that we’ve veered a bit of topic but it was the op that brought China into the fray. :+1:


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And you forgot to mention that China has the most billionaires in the world, surpassed America

and 200 out of the 800 plus Billionaire are politburo and parliament members.

If Mao was alive he would have had them shot or exiled.

crony capitalism for you.

Look at how many folks in congress are Multi millionaires , even Sanders the champion of the poor and downtrodden , depending on who you find credible his net worth is between 800K to 2 million dollars.

after spending a lifetime in politics, how is that possible?



As someone who lived in Norway for 9 years, I can state the following: their economic system is unsustainable, not to mention that everything has tremendously high cost. Also prepare to say goodbye to 40 percent of your income for shit you won’t use. The highest you’ll reach in Norway is middle class. Most people that live in Norway end up leaving for other countries including Turkey because its cheaper and nicer there for them.


There’s quite a number of Turks seeking asylum in Norway.


Got any proof of that?


No, I just made it up like you guys do.


Ive read that report 409 Asylum seekers, 409, not 40 thousand or 400 thousands.

409, which is a low number and people probably involved in Turkey’s failed coup.


Yeah, I didn’t claim 40 or 400 thousand. And the point was that there’s people that leave Turkey for something better in Norway. It’s not all refugees. I think that there are 15,000 Turks that have chosen Norway as home.


They aren’t refugees. If they were refugees they would be in Iran, Russia, Georgia, or Bulgaria. Norway isn’t the nearest neighboring safe country to Turkey which is how asylum works.

I think you are saying that 15,000 Turks invaded Norway and squat there.


Nope, I wasn’t saying that. I was quoting Fox News about an uptick in asylum seekers in Norway.


Canada has the highest quality of life on earth we are at the bottom of the barrel thats why https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/27/us-news-world-report-10-countries-with-the-best-quality-of-life.html



Hmm…I don’t see the US on that list???


Im sure Sweden will not be on that list next year and the stuff that is going on in Germany , she might fall off that list too.

I wonder why no rich middle east country is on there?


No shit. Turks are going to Norway for free shit, Norwegians are going to Turkey to live a comfortable life where they don’t get raped by their government. I’ve seen way too many Norwegian tourists coming to touristic spots in Turkey, marrying a Turk and then end up living there.