WSJ Oped Writer Joseph Rago found dead at home


Natural causes… quite likely but given his journalistic rise at such a young age and his rather pointed criticisms of Obamacare, antitrust, his subtle support for Trump and of late Republican who have come out as democrats on healthcare… I guess we wait for the medical examiners report and wonder if the investigation into the ‘unfortunate’ death of Seth Rich leaves more questions than answers…


In my opinion its unusual for a 34 year old man to be found dead in his home. What does anyone know about Joseph Rago and how he died? What unpublished articles was he working on?


Joseph Rago was, also, one of but a few US reporters considered as honest and trustworthy, and as opposed to the Newsweek Magazine senior writer Kurt Eichenwald who wrote two of the worst “fake news” articles ever written about Trump colluding with Russia.


I hope for the sake of his reputation that it wasn’t drugs.